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How to Style Knee High Boots

How to Style Knee High Boots
Knee high boots are the ultimate footwear investment! They have been a longstanding wardrobe staple, and are an absolute necessity when it comes to autumn fashion.

The good news about knee high boots is that, well, they can really be worn with anything! Paired with a maxi-dress they look stunning, below the knee, above the knee or even a mini-skirt! Of course they also look great with jeans for an equestrian or smart casual look. Knee high boots really do offer the versatility to be worn with anything.

Stylish, elegant, practical and we’d suggest the most versatile boot you will own. There’s a reason the knee-high boot is considered timeless!

They can be paired equally well with daytime wear - paired with jeans or leggings and a chunky sweater - and evening wear - with tights and a midi-dress or that little black dress. They bring a classy vibe to most outfits and they can make our legs look longer, but they’re so much more even than this.

In practical terms, in chilly weather (which we get a lot of in the UK!) they add a wonderful layer of warmth much higher up the leg than other boot styles, they tend to last a long time and they are also just so versatile.

Knee-high boots are likely to be quite an investment though in that they might cost more than other styles and, once you’ve bought them, you want them to last for a good few years. As such, there are some key things to consider when finding the right style for you, including comfort, heel height, leg width and colour. You want to make sure all these things are right because, after all, these are going to be your autumn style partner!

Images of a woman wearing black boots and blue dress

We love pairing this long denim dress with Tasman, a stylish and practical knee length boot that has an adjustable stretch back panel for calves, a stylish 1½" low heel, grippy rubber outsole, inside zip for easy access, round shape toe and two removable "air-cushioned" insoles to create extra depth or for the insertion of orthotics.

Tasman and Chelmsford are the widest and deepest knee high boots on the market, being available in our 2V(EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) variable width fittings, making them the perfect fit for even the widest feet.

Knee high boots for bigger calves

If you have wide feet, ankles, or calves, you’ve probably decided that knee high boots aren’t for you.

As knee high boots are taller they of course require a lot more leather to make and this comes with additional cost but, if they’re not wide enough in the calf, you won’t be able to wear them and they’re essentially useless.

That’s why we offer three knee high boot styles that are just great for people with swollen calves or ankles, as well as wide feet.

With calf circumferences up to 36cm plus 10cm adjustment, we’ve got you covered!

Our knee high boots Tasman, Pretoria and Chelmsford feature adjustability for swollen calves, with Chelmsford offering adjustability through a full lace-up design, Tasman featuring a stretch back panel and Pretoria through a stretch back panel as well as adjustable back laces.

Each features an inside zip so, once the adjustable feature is set for comfort, you can simply use the inside zip for easy foot access.

Image of 3 tall boots and calf adjustments

Pairing Biker boots with dresses

Both stylish and practical, Pretoria has a stretch panel that expands to comfortably fit your calves, an almond shape toe designed for comfort, slightly pointed at the end for a stylish look, a grippy rubber sole, seam-free toe box for an extremely comfortable wear and a 1¼" wedge heel with a ½" platform that offers the extra height of a wedge heel that’s cleverly hidden and also offers the support and stability that you need from a wide-fitting boot.

Pretoria also features a 36cm calf circumference with an additional 10cm adjustment – ideal for swollen calves.

We’ve paired Pretoria with an above the knee dress and long white coat, for a supremely sleek, chic look.

WOman wearing black knee high boots

Knee high boots for swollen ankles

TIn addition to being suitable for thick calves, Chelmsford is also ideal for swollen ankles as it features a full length “Gibson lace” design that opens up and allows adjustment for swollen ankles and legs.

Chelmsford is a popular knee high boot in black or brown that we think looks great with this below-the-knee leopard print dress. Chelmsford’s lace-up design allows ultimate adjustability with an inside zip so that, once the laces are set, you can use the inside zip for easy access.

Woman with black boots and spotty dress

You’ll soon find that the investment in one pair of long lasting, quality boots that offer comfort alongside versatile style will be worth 10 pairs of boot chosen purely for style that are so uncomfortable that they gather dust at the bottom of a wardrobe.

Risk free knee high boots

Our knee high boots offer a risk-free investment as they’re wider in the foot and in the calf, with adjustability to fit many ankle or calf widths and, if you’re in the UK and ordered the boots directly from us and they aren't quite right, for whatever reason, you can easily exchange them (unworn except for trying on indoors) for a different style, width or size.

You can do this as many times as you need until you get the perfect fit, without paying a penny more in shipping, or take a full refund.

Not only do we offer free shipping on returns and exchanges, if your boots aren’t right then you can also contact our customer services team on 01933 311 077 to discuss the problem with the shoes. This way we may well be able to advise a style with features more suitable for your loved one’s feet.

All our shoes are built differently to cater for different widths and issues so, if we know what isn't quite right with the pair that you have, we may be able to suggest one that will fit your foot better.

This means trying our shoes is risk free, even if you’re buying for someone else!

With DB Wider Fit boots there really is nothing to lose (but so much to gain!)

So if you’ve struggled to find boots – especially knee boots that come with the additional investment cost - that fit in the past then we’re sure there’s a DB Wider Fit boot for you.

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