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Best Shoes For Being On Your Feet All Day

Best Shoes For Being On Your Feet All Day
Nursing. Hospitality. Shopping. Retail work. Day trips. Holidays. Long walks. Volunteering. Gardening. Attending events. We really could carry on listing times we’re on our feet all day but you get the picture already, we’re sure!

And one common theme about them all? We love doing them but we can’t wait to take our shoes off at the end of the day because our feet are in agony! Especially if you have wide, deep or problem feet, which often results in sore, painful feet and shoes that nip, squeeze or rub.

This is why DB Wider Fit Shoes design our shoes for comfort all day.

Our shoes are wider and deeper so, if you have wide feet, you can experience the joy of comfortable, pain free feet, as you do not need to squeeze your feet into high street fittings.

In many cases it is the lack of room that makes your feet sore at the end of the day, whilst in many others it’s that the shoe doesn’t accommodate your particular issue.

Special Features

We include features especially for added comfort for wide, deep or problem feet from the moment you put them on until the moment you take them off.

Take our Stretch range, for instance: wide and extra-wide fitting shoes and boots made with fabrics that stretch with your feet as they swell through the day, reducing compression and enabling your feet to move and breathe more easily.

How about our Everyday Shoes with air-bubble soles to offer support and comfort and make you feel as though you’re walking on air, or many of our wide-fitting trainers with flared soles to ensure you’re getting the support and stability you need to aid with the mechanics of your legs, and many more features.

Find that your toes get squeezed and squashed as the day progresses? Our choice of toe shapes are designed especially for different shaped feet, to make sure your shoes offer plenty of space you’re your foot shape all day. Imagine having enough room for your toes after suffering for so long!

Whatever your need, we have the wide-fitting shoe to ensure all day comfort all autumn and winter.

Take a look below at our top 10 shoes for comfort all day

A woman sitting on a car with blue trainers Stretch trainer Garforth is so comfy it’s almost unbelievable! A lightweight trainer with leather uppers and a seam-free stretch toe box make for the most comfortable wear possible and stretch with your foot as it may swell through the day.

The lace-up fastening can be adjusted through the day if required and the flared sole offers the support you need.

Women sitting in car wearing white trainers Riley is a brand new wide-fitting trainer designed with features for people with extra wide feet in mind.

Arthritis friendly and good for swollen feet, Riley is a classic trainer style with almond shaped toe, designed for comfort with a slightly pointed end for a stylish look that opens up extra wide for easy access for swollen feet and a padded ankle collar for comfort. Riley also comes with twin extra-long straps that can be cut-to-fit straps, so they’re long enough to accommodate even the widest feet, but are also suitable for people with less wide feet.

Woman sitting on a bench with burgundy shoes Goldcrest, one of our range of classically styled leather boots is just a treat for your feet! Beautifully soft, breathable leather that offers a little give to allow your feet room to swell through the day.

The round toe shape offers enough room for toes, the adjustable strap can also be adjusted for comfort and the air bubble sole ensures comfort with every step.

Arthritis, bunion, diabetes and oedema friendly, this Healthy Footwear Guide approved shoe is everything you need for comfort all day!

Woman in a dress wearing stylish shoes It’s not only casual styles and trainers that are perfect for all day wear. We know one of the biggest sources of anxiety people have is attending occasions such as weddings, knowing they’ll be on their feet all day but wanting to wear pretty dress shoes and not trainers, pumps or even flip-flops!

That’s why we create dress shoes with some of these same features, to make sure that you can enjoy the whole occasion with one pair of pretty shoes, without fear of painful feet.

Badminton is just one of these styles: a cleverly designed court shoe, with stretch panels for improved comfort and fit, brogue detailing that adds a classic touch and a low heel for stability and comfort.

A pair of blue shoes with straps Ideal for active feet, Winnipeg is a stylish everyday shoe with stretch textile panels that make them ideal for people with bunions, lightweight shock absorbent air-bubble sole for extra cushioning as you walk and square shape toe offering all the room you need. The touch fastening strap also offers easy adjustment as required.

Woman sitting down wearing blue laced shoes New style Jazz is made with no animal products so, as well as being bunion, diabetes and oedema friendly, it’s also suitable for vegans! Round toe shape and air bubble sole offer comfort in spades with the security of a lace-up design.

Pair of brown women's shoes on a table Rory is another one of our classic casual style everyday shoes made from beautifully soft leather and with adjustable touch fastening straps.

Opening extra wide they allow for easy foot entry and the air bubble sole offers diabetes, arthritis and bunion friendly comfort, all day. These have been described, more than one, as “the comfiest shoes you’ll ever wear!”

Woman in red coat wearing brown shoes Classic casual lace-up style Bracken is super cute. A favourite style, it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable with a supportive lace-up design that is perfect for more active lifestyles. It also features a 5mm foam sock for extra comfort or to vary the depth and adjusts to offer more fitting for a higher instep.

Pair of burgundy slip on shoes Super stylish – and very popular - slip-on Carlisle is a sleek loafer in soft stretch fabric and leather with a clever print design that disguises 'bumpy' feet!

It has two elasticated panels that expand if your feet swell during the day, lightweight shock absorbent air-bubble sole for cushioning and a square toe shape.

Pair of brown shoes with straps Norwich is a new style, modelled on one of our past favourite styles, that offers a secure fit with extra-long cut to fit straps. Ideal for the widest feet, it opens up really wide for easy access and features extra-long pull back straps with D-ring that give a more secure fastening and can be cut to fit, if the extra length isn’t required.

In pulling this top 10 together we’ve had to make tough decisions on lots of shoes to leave out, as so many of our shoes are designed for all day comfort, but we hope that this list helps you to look forward to shopping / day trips / volunteering or whatever it is that keeps you on your feet all day, without fear of painful feet!

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