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Shoe Features

Shoe Features

Wider and Deeper IconAt first glance, you may think all our shoes look 'normal' - that they will never fit wider or 'difficult' feet. But pictures can be deceiving! Our shoes are designed with many benefits that cannot easily be seen in a picture, however they all contribute to making our shoes supremely comfortable and making the wearing experience so much more enjoyable.

Please use our Fit Finder to find your correct fitting - and don't be put off - we can find a stylish, wide fitting shoe to suit you!

Click on one of the wider fit shoe features below to learn more.
- Hidden Depth
- Variety of Width Fittings
- Removable Insoles
- Twist Control Insoles
- Supportive Back Stiffener
- Easy Access Styles
- Fastening Systems
- Extended Straps
- V Throat Design
- Sole Technology
- Styles with stretch panels/uppers
- Shoe 'Top Lines'
- Waterproof Footwear
- Toe Shapes

Or before you read the rest of the article why not check out our video on changing the fit on wider fit shoes.

Hidden Depth

Because your feet crave them! Most shoes are made on lasts that are just not wide and deep enough for your feet, resulting in squashed, painful feet. Ouch!

Hidden Foot Depth IconThe solution: Our shoes aren’t just wider, they are also deeper. So plenty of wiggle room for your toes. Our shoes have wider and deeper toe boxes, which allow room for your feet to function normally without pain and discomfort, plus variable fittings and adjustable fastenings so you can get the correct fitting for your feet. High Street Shoes toe box is shallower and has less tread width.

The dotted red line to the right shows the height of the sole on the OUTSIDE of the shoe. There is extra depth that you can't see from the outside.

Pictures can be deceiving! Some of our shoes may not look as if they have deep toe boxes. This is because we hide the depth within the sole. You can wear a shoe which looks completely normal from the outside but has the comfort of a deep toebox on the inside.

Hidden Depth in Shoe Sole
Internal depth in shoe is greater than it appears, as the sole is extended up the side of the shoe to disguise the depth. The red dotted line above shows extra depth hidden inside shoe.

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Variety of Width Fittings

No two feet are the same, so why do High Street shoes only offer one fitting? We understand this - so our shoes are available in seven width fittings - so you can get the PERFECT FIT for your individual feet. Please note we generally show the smallest shoe fitting in our pictures! So don't be deceived by appearances, our shoes are available in wider and deeper fittings too - in fact our 8E fitting is the deepest width fitting available off the shelf.

There is a substantial difference in additional width and depth from an EE to and 8E fitting.

Wider and deeper shoe icons

The fittings we provide are E-EEE (V), EE, EE-4E(2V), 4E, 6E, 6E-8E(6V), and 8E. At DB Wider Fit Shoes most of our shoes are available in our amazing VARIABLE FITTINGS - V, 2V, and 6V. Our VARIABLE FITTINGS offer a flexible system of making shoes wider and/or deeper by removing insoles or adjusting fastenings. Why not check out Fitting Advice on wide fit shoes to help you find the perfect fit?

Check out the menu at the top of this page and you will be able to select for your width fitting in the women's or men's shoes.

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Our shoes have built in adjustability...because everyone's feet are DIFFERENT!

- Do you have one foot larger than another? Most of us do. It’s not unusual.
- Do your feet change shape during the day? Again, not unusual, especially in warmer weather or if we have been sitting all day.

Extra features make our shoes as adjustable as possible, so that you get the perfect fit without having to go to the expense of bespoke footwear.

Removable Insoles

Icons for removable shoe solesMost of our styles have removable insoles. Some styles are supplied with two insoles. Removing insoles creates extra depth within the shoe, and also allows you to replace with your own orthotics. Initially, try the shoe on with the insoles in place. If the shoe feels too tight, remove one insole and try on again.

Consider each foot individually.
- By removing insoles, or replacing with your own orthotics, you can tailor the fit of each shoe
- Lastly, adjust any straps or laces to the most comfortable setting for each foot.

Examples of Removable Insoles

Examples of removable insoles

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Supportive Back Stiffener

Our supremely comfortable House Shoes and Canvas Shoes are designed in in the same way as all our shoes, to give far more support than the average shoe. Hidden inside the shoe is a stiffener that supports the back. The hard wearing sole is suitable for all day wear, both inside the house and outside - so there's no need to keep changing your shoes.

Two slippers highlighting the back stiffeners

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Easy Access Styles

How can they help?
- Easier to take on & off
- Easier to fasten securely to the foot
- Helpful if dexterity or mobility is limited

Our Easy access styles are specially designed to make taking your shoes on and off as simple as possible. The design of the shoe upper affects the ease of foot entry into the shoe. This guide will help you choose the right style for you.

Easy Access Shoe Styles

Stay Points
A shoe stay point‘Stay points’ are the end points where the side of the shoe joins the front of the shoe. There is a stay point on either side of a shoe. On our ‘easy access’ styles we position these stay points as far forward as possible to allow for easy access. The straps are then easily adjusted to ensure the perfect secure fit for your foot.

Twin Zip Access
Image showing twin zip boots This design allows the upper to open up to allow for easy foot entry.

Fastening Systems

Why is the fastening system important?
- if shoes are not fastened on to the foot securely, movement between the shoe and the foot will occur as you walk causing sores and blisters.
- some fastenings are more secure than others - which should you choose?
- if dexterity or mobility makes it difficult to easily fasten shoes - which fastenings are more helpful?

We offer footwear with a range of fastening systems. This guide will help you decide which fastening system is suitable for your needs, taking into account the role you would like the shoes to provide when being worn and your dexterity in being able to apply the fastening.

A shoe with lace fasteningLaces are the securest form of fastening. They can be adjusted to accommodate different heights of instep and provide secure, stable support around the ankle.

They are the most difficult form of fastening to use as the shoe has to be opened up and tightened requiring agility and dexterity in the use of fingers. Ideal for more able wearers who are on their feet all day

Pull Back Strap with D Ring
A shoe showing a D strapThis combination is easier than a 'lace' to fasten but still gives a secure fastening around the foot. It is easier than a lace to adjust, but not as easy to access as a 'laid on strap'. This type of fastening offers a good compromise between ease of fastening and support. Ideal for more able wearers who good support with ease of fastening.

Laid on Strap
A shoe with straps
This is the easiest strap to adjust but gives a less secure fastening than a pull back strap as it cannot be 'levered' back through a D ring. Ideal for those wearers who are less active and want an easy fastening shoe.
Elasticated laid-on strap – This type of strap is the same as a laid-on strap but is attached to the upper with a section of elastic. This elasticised section will expand as the foot changes shape during the day lessening the need for further adjustment.

A boot with zipsZips are usually used to enable foot entry. Where they are used in combination with a lace, the zip allows for easy foot entry, whilst the laces allow adjustment to give a good fit.

Where zips are used on their own, they allow for easy foot entry, but offer no adjustment, so please ensure the shoe fits securely when purchasing.

Court Shoe
A court style shoeThis type of shoe is very 'elegant' but in its classic form has no adjustment or fitting, as the shoe is held on to the foot by the wearer. Fastening to the foot can be improved with the addition of a bar (Mary-Jane style) to secure the shoe over the instep.

Stretch materials, or elasticated top lines also help with fitting and adjustment so keep the elegant look but ensure a securer fitting to the foot.

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Extended Straps

Our special longer ankle straps are designed to suit any ankle size, from slim to swollen, with a choice of up to 3 strap lengths. The strap can be easily adjusted to your ankle, and then cut to fit.

A heeled shoe illustration highlighting that straps can be extended

V Throat Design

This is a small notch, cleverly incorporated into the shoe design, which makes it easier to take the shoe on and off, and eases the fit across your instep for increased comfort, especially if your foot swells during the day.

A pair of shoes highlighting a v throat design

Sole Technology

The chances are you don't think about the sole when you choose a shoe...that's OK, because we think about it for you. Our soles are constructed for maximum comfort and durability.

Icons of Sole designs

You will see our sole icons above for each of the products in our website. They will help you identify the type of sole suitable for your needs.

- 'Air Bubble' soles - Using a special process which we have pioneered, thousands of tiny air bubbles are inserted during the making of this sole which cushion every step you take.

- Dual Density Rubber/PU Sole- This sole has a special panel for greater grip, and sandwiched between the outsole and the upper is an Air Bubble layer to cushion your feet.

- Lightweight Rubber Soles - Both the 'Grippy' and 'Flexible' soles are lightweight for greater flexibility.

- "Flared" soles - The sole ‘flares’ out so it is bottom - wider at the bottom and so more stable. A built in heel cup gives increased support and helps to stop the foot rolling.

Twist Control Insoles

Our cleverly designed twist-control insoles have extra support built in, giving more support at the back whilst maintaining flexibility at the front. This integral insole helps prevent the foot from twisting so giving a more stable footing.

A show with overlaid text about twist control insoles

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Styles with stretch panels/uppers

Nobody’s feet are perfect! They have lived life along with the rest of our body. As a result they come in various shapes. Stretch shoes can help. As a comfort brand we look to address these physical needs, whilst fulfilling the emotional wish of wearing a stylish, comfortable shoe.

Woman pulling on brown boots Woman wearing red strapped slippers A pair of black trainers with stretch icons

Look stylish, no one would know that these styles stretch to accommodate your feet. So relax and enjoy the occasion knowing that your feet are in total comfort all day. We use stretch textiles/stretch faux leathers in either panels or complete sections to accommodate an individual foot shapes.

By making the full toe box in a stretch material we provide a seam free environment that can accommodate awkward toe shapes, or expand as the foot swells giving the wearer all day comfort. Look for the icons below in the website.

Icons showing different stretch materials

How can they help?
- If you have ‘lumpy or bumpy feet’, the stretch fabric moulds comfortably to your feet.
- Adjust to your feet if they are prone to swelling during the day. We even put trims on elastics so that they stretch with your foot.
- Printed designs can disguise ‘bumpy’ feet

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Shoe 'Top Lines'

What are they, and what DIFFERENCE can they make?

- the top line is the top edge of the upper.
- as your foot can change shape during the day, especially if your feet are hot or cold, it is useful to have some ‘give’ in the design of the top line.
- if the topline doesn’t fit your feet, the shoe could slip and cause discomfort.

Slip On Shoes
These are very convenient as you can just slide your feet into them, but unless your foot is the exact shape of the last that the shoes were made on, the shoe will either be too tight or too loose, causing discomfort. To alleviate this issue our slip-on styles have different features incorporated into them to improve the fit of the shoe.

Shoe showing elasticated topline Shoe showing elasticated gusset

Elastic Gussets - Allow for extra fitting and adjustment during the day.

Elasticated Top Line - Provides a securer fastening for the foot.

Additional Features
- For instance a “V” throat or a scalloped top line, which allows some ‘give’ for a more comfortable fit.
- Fastening to the foot can be improved with the addition of a bar or ankle strap to secure the shoe over the instep.

Waterproof Footwear

How can they help?

- Excellent for the unpredictable English weather!
- Perfect for intrepid walkers
- The correct fit for walking shoes is essential & we can help

Making waterproof footwear out of leather is complicated as leather is not man-made, like for instance the PVC used in a Wellington boot, and is prone to water seeping through.

Waterproof Style Shoes

To ensure waterproofness the shoe has to go through extra processes:
1) The leather is treated to increase water resistance. This process does not guarantee waterproof-ness on its own but ensures it takes longer for water to penetrate through.

2) The shoe is made from two uppers; an internal upper or 'bag' which the foot sits in and an outer upper. The bag is constructed using specialist materials that do not allow water to ingress into the foot, but allow moisture to escape from the foot. This bag still has to be stitched together. Stitching creates holes so every stitch has to be sealed with waterproof tape to ensure water cannot get through.

Stages 1) & 2) make the upper waterproof up to where the tongue joins the shoe. In most cases the tongue joins quite low down, meaning that the shoe is only waterproof below the tongue opening. By incorporating a 'bellows' tongue, where the tongue is sealed to the upper (shown below) up to the top of the shoe, the foot is kept completely dry.

But even with a Wellington, no footwear is waterproof if you let water enter through the top of the boot!

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Toe Shapes

How can they help?

- Feet come in all different shapes and sizes
- Footwear can be made on all sorts of different last shapes to get the desired look
- By identifying your foot shape, you can more easily choose a shoe with the toe shape which achieves the most comfortable fit for you

When choosing your shoe, it is important to take your foot shape into account, and ensure ALL your toes have enough space. Pressure on your toes can cause bunions, hammer toes and many more serious problems.

Illustration of different toe shapes

As a comfort brand we aim to fulfil your two needs:
1. The physical need for a foot covering that protects and cossets your foot.
2. The emotional desire of wanting to wear that pair of shoes, because it goes with a particular outfit. At the end of the day a shoe is an accessory to your outfit.

Therefore, when designing certain looks we need to follow the fashion for that look whether it be toe shapes, materials used or style of shoe. But we try not to compromise fit and therefore comfort. All our lasts are made wider in the tread (to give more room for your feet to spread) and are deeper to accommodate your toes than high street shoes. We make a different last for each width fitting.

Certain toe shapes will naturally be more accommodating for your own personal foot shape. That does not mean to say that another toe shape will not be suitable, because whatever your toe shape our lasts have been made wider and deeper to fit. The guide helps to explain the different toe shapes used in our lasts and which may be more suitable for your toe shape - look out for your chosen toe shape icon underneath each product.

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You can see the effort that we put into shoes to ensure that you find the perfect fit. When browsing through the shoes in our website within each product page you will see a list of features available for that product. Simply click on the icon to get more information.

Icons for product features