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Pure Comfort For All Toe Shapes And Sizes

Pure Comfort For All Toe Shapes And Sizes
Feet come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn’t your shoes?

We’re all unique. We all have different colour eyes, face shapes, height, weight, foot size, foot length and even foot shape.

You find shoes on the high street in different sizes, and increasingly in slightly different widths, but how easy is it to find shoes to match your foot shape?

Our mission is to offer shoes which give the "FREEDOM" to be able to walk in complete comfort and the "JOY" of living your life to the full without thinking about your feet!

We know that to achieve this, we need to offer footwear that accommodates as many people as is viable, not just for different length of foot but for foot WIDTH and foot SHAPE.

Open Quotations Fantastic boot, after reading the item about foot shape I realised I needed a square shaped shoe. I have round ended shoes which rub my big toe on my left foot after an hour or so but the square ends of these boots are fantastic. I have these boots in all 3 colours as so pleased with them. Close Quotation

Of course, we offer different shoe sizes, from 3-9 for ladies, including many styles in half sizes, and from size 6-16 for men, but we also offer 3 different variable width fittings too.

Wide, Wider and Extra Wide Shoes

Our shoes for wide feet are suitable for people requiring E-8E (that’s EEEEEEEE) width fitting through our:

Wide V (suitable for people requiring E-EEE width)
Wider 2V (suitable for people requiring EE-4E width)
Extra Wide 6V (suitable for people requiring 6E-8E width fitting, and the widest and deepest shoes on the market).

chart of wider and deeper shoes

Learn more about our fittings here >

Toe Shapes

As mentioned, everyone is unique and so people have different foot shapes, although most people have one of three common toe shapes:

Rounded - known as "Roman"
Square - known as "Egyptian"
Tapered - known as "Greek"

When choosing your shoe, it is important to take your toe shape into account, as well as your size and fitting, to ensure ALL your toes have enough space. Pressure on your toes can cause bunions, hammer toes and many more serious problems.

The ultimate comfort is achieved by taking all these factors into consideration.

To accommodate different foot shapes, we offer our shoes in FIVE different toe shapes:
- Square – Allows more room for your toes, particularly for people with square toe shape or with round or tapered feet who need the extra room
- Round – Round toe shape and deep toe box gives plenty of room for your toes, especially for people with round toe shape but also for people with tapered feet who need the extra room
- Almond – Shaped for comfort. Slightly pointed at the end for a stylish look, especially suited for people with tapered foot shape.
- Pointed – Our elegantly styled toe box is still deep & wide but gives an elegant silhouette. Ideal for people with tapered foot shape or those looking for a slim look for that special occasion.
- Asymmetric – Our asymmetric shoe shape is designed to follow the natural shape of your feet for a more comfortable fit. With an even wider toe area than you’ll find even in our round or square toed shoes.

An illustration of different toe shapes

With many of our styles, we try to offer a similar base style with different features for different needs.

For instance we offer wide fitting trainers in either almond (like stretch panel Whitworth or leather and mesh Diss), round (like Echo or Pheasant) or square toe shapes (like Lexi or new wedge styles Panther or Impala).

Additionally, for instance, you may find men’s classic and casual styles to suit all needs:

Touch strap Benny, lace up Bob and slip on Dalton, which are broadly similar classic styles with square toe shape, offer different fastenings for different needs:

Bob’s lace-up fastening offers security of fit and adjustability, Benny’s adjustable strap fastening offers adjustability with ease for those with reduced hand motility and Dalton offers the ease of a slip-on style.

Similarly, men’s classic styles with round toes include lace-up Derek, strap fastening Donald and slip-on Delhi

A trio of men putting on shoes.

But toe shape is just one of many features that we offer to ensure the perfect fit for your foot.

We also know that many people have wide feet but less wide ankles and calves, so we provide a range of fastening options that offer adjustability to reduce the ankle / calf circumference, such as lace-up designs with inside zips, adjustable ankle, or calf straps and more.

Discover some of our wide and extra wide shoes with different toe shapes.

Wide Shoes with Square Toe Shapes

A pair of burgundy flat shoes on a chair Stylish loafer Carlisle is available in soft stretch fabric and leather, with a clever print design that disguises 'bumpy' feet!

It also has an Air bubble sole for extra cushioning as you walk so it’s not only gorgeous to look at but feels gorgeous to wear too, all day!

Available in our wide (2V) and extra wide 6V width fitting, it’s suitable for even the widest of feet.

A woman sat wearing black boots Sporty boot Santa is a stylish leather boot with a leather-look stretch front panel that moulds to the shape of your foot for extra comfort.

It features a lace-up design for a secure fit alongside inside zips and wide opening for easy access. It has a lightweight Air bubble sole and a seam free toe box making for an extremely comfortable wear.

A woman wearing black boots You won’t believe that super sleek fashion boot Belmont is a wide-fitting boot!

Designed in leather and patent with side zip for easy foot entry, the elegant 2 ¼ inch heel works well with both trousers and dresses.

Available in sizes 3-9 and half sizes from 3 ½ - 7 ½ in our 2V(EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) variable width fittings, making them the perfect fit for even the widest of fashion conscious feet.

Wide shoes with round toe shapes

A woman sat wearing a pair of black boots Modern biker style boot Reef comes in leather with tie laces. With a stylish 1½" low heel and grippy rubber sole you’ll be sure of foot this autumn.

The design offers soft padded collar for comfort, laces to the ankle for a securer fastening whilst the inside zip brings easy access for wide feet.

The round, deep toe box has no seams, making for an extremely comfortable wear.

A woman sat wearing a pair of brown boots Ankle boot Goldcrest is just SO comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing shoes!

A new, smart ankle boot designed with extra-long straps which can be cut to fit, ait includes an additional 5 mm foam sock for extra comfort or to vary the depth and opens up for easy access and gives greater adjustment.

The soft padded collar means comfy ankles, lightweight shock absorbent sole cushions as you walk and the seam-free toe box means reduced rubbing for comfort.

A pair of black dress shoes on a table Stretch court shoe Constance is just the thing for that special occasion. Now you can accept that wedding invite knowing that you can look great without having to worry about your feet!

The sleek design has a stable block heel and a seam-free stretch front panel that moulds to the shape of your foot for extra comfort.

Wide shoes with almond toe shapes

A pair of black women's trainers Stretch panel Whitworth is a stylish wide-fitting trainer in soft leather with sparkly metallic print stretch panel detailing. The stretch panels are positioned to the base of the big and little toes, making them perfect for people with bunions as the panels gently stretch to mould to the shape of the foot and avoid rubbing against sore areas.

It has lace-up design for secure fit, flared heel for increased stability and grippy rubber sole for sure-footedness.

Available in 2V(EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) width fittings, it’s perfect for even the widest active feet.

A woman in a floral dress sat on a fountain Our wedge heel styles are a clever way to be super-stylish without torturing your feet. They don’t look like they’re wide & deep but they really are! By adding a ½ cm ‘platform’ we can cleverly hide the depth and add extra height whilst keeping you looking on trend.

Chic fashion boot Aberdeen is available with twin zip access and easy to wear lightweight yet grippy rubber wedge sole. It has a seam free toe box and opens up wide for easy entry.

A woman crouching wearing a pair of black shoes Casual dress shoe Mandarin is a dress loafer in black or beige crinkly patent built on our sporty trainer base: a grippy rubber sole that’s flared for stability with almond toe, shaped for comfort and slightly pointed for a stylish look.

Wide shoes with pointed toe shapes

A woman in white dress wearing black dress Mid-heel court shoe Paris is just so sleek you won’t know it’s a wide-fitting shoe. Available in our 2V(EE-4E) width fitting and in a raft of colours and materials, like denim blue, grey suede, nude, old silver and good old beautifully soft black leather, amongst others, it’s a shoe for any smart outfit!

A pair of gold shoes on a table Chic mid-heel slingback Purbeck offers an element of adjustment via an adjustable cut-to-fit strap and is built with a perfectly balanced medium-height heel.

Like Paris it is available in a raft of colours including striking white, soft gold, navy and many more.

Wide shoes with our asymmetric toe shape

A woman zipping up a pair of brown boots Vegan-friendly mid-length boot Muntjac has adjustable, cut-to-fit ankle and calf straps for calf circumference adjustment up to 35cm.

Set the straps once and use the inside zip for easy foot access.

With a wedge heel for extra height and flared sole for stability you’ll love Muntjac.

In black or brown imitation leather it’s also vegan-friendly and also bunion-friendly too!

A woman putting on a pair of brown boots One of our most popular styles of the season so far, ankle boot Deer is also vegan and bunion-friendly with flared wedge heel.

The twin zips mean Deer opens up to the front for easy foot entry and the seam-free toe-box makes for an extremely comfortable wear.

A pair of blue women's flat shoes Everyday lace-up shoe Taylor is made from beautifully soft leather that offers breathable comfort and a little “give” to mould to the shape of your foot.

It comes with our lightweight, shock-absorbent air bubble sole for extra cushioning and is also great for feet that swell.

All of our styles with asymmetric toe shape are currently available in our 2V(EE-4E) variable width fitting and we hope to make these styles available in our 6V(6E-8E) width fitting soon too.

So there you have it. Our guide to different toe shapes and wide shoe fittings. Once you discover shoes in your correct toe shape you’ll find them so comfortable you’ll never look back.

Need more convincing? See what our customer say about how comfortable our shoes are:

Open Quotations Best shoes I have ever bought worth every penny. Close Quotation
Lynn Simpson

Open Quotations They are the best shoes going and so comfortable even for very swollen lymphoedema feet. I can’t recommend them enough. Close Quotation
Fiona Preston

Open Quotations They are the only shoes I have had that don’t cramp my hammer toes, I absolutely love them and wish I had found them years ago. Close Quotation
Veronica Simmons

Open Quotations As a person who has suffered ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes for over 30 years, having the opportunity to wear shoes which fit and don't cause long-lasting pain is incredible! Close Quotation
Mr B

Open Quotations Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have spent my whole live getting shoes that were a bad fit. Your shoes are the first that have not taken me weeks/months to break in Brilliant, I shall push your web site to anyone with broad feet. Close Quotation
H, Edinburgh

Find out what more of our customers say »

Risk free footwear

We know that it’s really difficult to order footwear online and find the perfect fit, but we want to make it as easy, risk-free and stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer free postage on returns and exchanges on all UK orders so that, if you’re in the UK and have ordered from us and the shoes aren’t right for whatever reason, you can give us a call to discuss the problem and return them to us, unworn except for trying on to exchange for a different size, style or fitting without paying a penny more in postage.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, you’ll never look back!

We hope that you agree that our wide-fitting shoes, trainers and sandals offer the perfect fit for every wide, deep or problem foot!

VAT Exempt footwear

Did you know, if you need 6E, 6V or 8E fitting footwear and have a qualifying condition, that you might be eligible for VAT relief?

This means that you could essentially benefit from a discount of 20%. And what's more, our promotional discount codes still apply, meaning you can gain further savings.

We make it easy to claim your VAT relief by clearly listing the VAT exempt price against qualifying products, and provide a very short form to fill out as part of the checkout process when ordering your 6E, 8E or 6V fitting shoes.

Qualifying conditions for VAT free purchases include physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities, for example, blindness; conditions treated as chronic sickness, such as diabetes, arthritis or lymphedema; and long-term illnesses.

Look out for the link underneath our available fittings on each product page to claim your VAT exemption.

Open Quotations You changed my life, I appreciate the hard work, commitment and quality of your workmanship, design and service, found your wonderful company just over 2 years ago and have not looked back since. I am now able to wear a pair of slippers, shoes or boots for most of the day instead of an hour if that, just thank you. Close Quotation
Mrs G

Need help?
If you’re unsure about anything at all to do with our styles, features or fittings and whether they’re right for you, please do contact us on +44 (0)1933 311 077, Monday to Friday, 9-5 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable UK based customer services team, who will be delighted to help.

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