Shoes for Bunions & Hammer Toes

Nov 2020 - We've all heard of bunions. We may have heard of Hammer Toes too. But what exactly are they, why are they a problem, and why can wide-fitting shoes be life-changing for people with bunions & hammer toes? Both bunions and hammer toes are deformities within toe joints. Bunions are a deformity of the big toe joint, which causes the joint to stick out, pushing the big toe inwards towards neighbouring toes.«read more»



Must Have Shoes for Lockdown

Nov 2020 - Here at DB Wider Fit Shoes we learnt a lot from the initial lockdown earlier this year, and we've used this knowledge to suggest the perfect shoes to help you through. Are your slippers now a little worse for wear? No wonder - they probably have been in action a lot more already this year! Don't settle for tatty slippers. Not only do you deserve comfort but also, tatty, ill-fitting old slippers are a known cause of falls in the elderly. «read more»



Summertime: Canvas & Sandal Special

Aug 2020 - When sunny summer days arrive have you ever wanted to put on floaty dresses and pretty summer outfits, but thought they're not for you because you can't find matching pretty shoes to fit?Well, it doesn't have to be like this! «read more»



How to find your perfect fit

July 2020 - You don't have to be Cinderella to find your perfect fit! As well as 7 different width fittings, our shoes have features that make them suitable for a broad range of foot conditions, including wide feet (of course), bunions and hammer toes, oedema caused by issues such as diabetes or lymphoedema, arthritis, wide ankles and much more. «read more»



Diabetic? Look after your feet with perfectly fitting shoes

May 2020 - Why the right footwear is so important for diabetes sufferers. Did you know that there are over 4.7million people in the UK living with diabetes? Or that 1 in 10 over 40s have Type 2 Diabetes, with Type 2 Diabetes accounting for around 90% of all diagnoses? «read more»



DB Shoes celebrate 100 years

Feb 2020 - DB SHOES were delighted to celebrate their centenary with the whole DB family. Staff, customers, suppliers, friends and family all joined together for a spectacular night of fun and entertainment. . . . . . «read more»



Oedema & Lymphoedema Uncovered

Feb 2020 - You might never have heard of Oedema & Lymphoedema, but they are two very common conditions in the UK that can severely impact the lives of sufferers. They are both, in simple terms, conditions caused by fluid getting stuck in the body. Both result in swelling, particularly of limbs, often causing pain for the sufferer and other effects such as loss of freedom of movement in the afflicted limb. We take a quick look at these conditions and suggest some ways to not let them win. . . . . . «read more»



Our top 5 ways to keep active

Jan 2020 - There's no reason why wide or problem feet, or advancing age should prevent you from being active. In fact, it's potentially more important that we keep active as we age to prevent issues from arising. NHS guidance suggests that adults should do some type of physical activity every day, including strengthening activities that work major muscle groups at least twice per week. . . . . . «read more»



Falls prevention

Dec 2019 - We probably all know an older person who has "had a fall". In fact, statistically it's very likely since falls, particularly in the elderly, are very common. They can be, although are not always by any means, very serious with bruised or broken hips, elbows or legs, and they can even be deadly. They can also be very avoidable. . . . . . «read more»



The Life of the party

Nov 2019 - If you look good and feel great, chances are you'll feel more confident, let go and really shine this party season! Let's face it, there's nothing worse than a night out on a cold December night squeezed into footwear that hurts like heck. Your friends and colleagues having a whale of a time, dancing, chatting and laughing while your attention keeps being dragged back to your poor tootsies! . . . . . «read more»



Autumn strolls & wintry walks

Oct 2019 - There are few things more beautiful than Autumn in full colour. As the leaves turn to glorious reds and browns and the temperature drops, our Autumn Winter season delivers, with new styles to keep your feet cosy and warm, with features cleverly designed to deliver supreme comfort for people with wide, deep or problem feet, and in colours to match the surroundings . . . . . «read more»