Give The Gift Of Wide Fit Comfort

Christmas, birthday, anniversary or just because; there’s no better gift than the gift of comfort.

Buying gifts can be difficult. Knowing what to buy, what the recipient might want, finding something that constitutes a “thoughtful” gift. So we quite often end up buying tokens of affection. Stuff. Things we think they might like, but probably won’t cherish.

But what if you could give something that really matters? What if you could give the gift of comfort?

What if you could give the gift of “life-changing” footwear?

What causes painful feet?

Many people, especially – but certainly not limited to – older people or those with medical conditions such as arthritis, lymphoedema, bunions or hammer toes can experience intolerable foot pain that is exacerbated by most types of footwear.

This can result in them going out less, being less active and more sedentary, getting less than the medically recommended amount of exercise, which can in turn lead to other health issues.

With Arthritis alone experienced by over 6m people in the UK – that’s around 1 in 10 –it’s highly likely that you know somebody experiencing an issue that causes foot or ankle pain.

Somebody whom we’re sure would be eternally grateful for something that could help, could make footwear wearable again and enable them to get back on their feet and active once more, without having to worry about their feet.

Our shoes, boots and slippers are created especially for people with wide, deep and problem feet and have been described many times by our customer so, no matter what the problem, we could have the shoe for your loved one!

Three ways to give the gift of comfort

Ways to Give the Gift of Comfort #1: Buy wide-fitting shoes as a gift

By buying wide-fitting shoes for your friend or loved one, they can feel the comfort that our shoes offer from the first time they put them on.

And don’t worry, we realise that you might not know the size or width fitting to buy, so we offer a handy downloadable online measuring guide. Simply measure your foot with a fabric tape measure and cross reference your measurements against the measuring guide. There’s a helpful video guide too, to ensure you’re confident about taking the correct measurements.

Gifting a surprise? Fear not!

If you’re in the UK and ordered the shoes directly from us and the shoes aren't quite right, for whatever reason, you can easily exchange them (unworn except for trying on indoors) for a different style, width or size. You can do this as many times as you need until you get the perfect fit, without paying a penny more in shipping, or take a full refund.

Not only do we offer free shipping on returns and exchanges, if your shoes aren’t right then you can also contact our customer services team on 01933 311 077 to discuss the problem with the shoes. This way we may well be able to advise a style with features more suitable for your loved one’s feet.

All our shoes are built differently to cater for different widths and issues so, if we know what isn't quite right with the pair that you have, we may be able to suggest one that will fit your foot better.

This means trying our shoes is risk free, even if you’re buying for someone else!

“After almost given up hope of finding a pair of shoes that would fit I ordered some from you and they are fantastic. THANK YOU!” ~ Brenda

Here are our top 10 styles for giving the gift of comfort.

Our wide fitting slippers offer the best of both worlds: The comfort of a slipper with the support of a shoe. With built in back stiffeners for extra support and a hard-wearing sole that can even be worn outside, they’re still SO comfy! What’s more, our slippers and house shoes are completely animal product free.

Caroline 2 is no different. Our best-selling slipper with easy access strap fastening, seam free soft velour toe box, variable width fitting and supportive, stable sole.

It is diabetes, arthritis, bunion and hammer toe friendly, opens wide for easy access and is machine washable at 30°C.

Eunice is another best-selling slipper that’s ideal for people with swollen feet. Adjustable elasticated straps expand if your foot swells during the day and, like Caroline 2, Eunice opens up super wide for easy foot entry, is arthritis friendly, and machine washable at 30°C.

House Shoe Vermont has hard-wearing outsoles, which means you can wear it out and about as well as around the house. The elasticated top-line offers improved fit and the elasticated strap and lightweight stretch fabric upper expands if your foot swells during the day. Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.

Super comfy & cosy is new for ’22 Duck, a boot style slipper with faux fur collar that opens up wide for easy access and will keep tootsies super warm all winter! Arthritis, bunion, diabetes and hammer toe friendly with washable insoles and elasticated strap that expands with the foot through the day. We love Duck!

It’s not just slippers that make the perfect gift though. Our best-selling shoe Rory has a whole list of features that make it the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear! And that’s from the mouths of our customers.

In beautiful soft leather with air-bubble sole and removable insoles, Rory is so comfy you won’t want to take it off.

A Healthy Footwear Guide approved shoe it comes with an additional 5 mm foam sock for extra comfort or to vary the depth, has a lightweight shock absorbent Air Bubble sole for extra cushioning as you walk, seam-free toe box making for an extremely comfortable wear, soft padded collar, and easy access, it has everything!

Brand new Riley is designed especially for extra wide feet that want to remain active. A wide-fitting trainer that features a grippy rubber sole that is flared for extra stability, adjustable cut-to-fit straps that can be cut to the length required and a front opening tongue that enables easy access for even the widest of feet.

Bayeux is our best-selling biker boot for all occasions. Round, deep toe box leaves plenty of room for toes and the lace-up fastening offers a secure fit. With the inside zip you can set the laces once and use the zip for easy foot access. Available in 5 great autumn colours and throughout the spring season in light summer colours too!

The gift of comfort for men

Comfort isn’t just the reserve of the ladies though! We have plenty of styles available to give the gift of comfort to the man in your life too and, for active men, look no further than wide-fitting trainer Devon.

A stylish and sporty shoe with leather and mesh panels for ventilation with a grippy rubber sole and cut to fit straps that can be cut to the correct length.

Round shape toe and soft padded collar offer extra comfort and there’s also an anti-bacterial, anti-odour removable sock included!

Men’s wide-fitting slipper Daniel is both functional and practical, with a single touch fastening strap in soft, comfortable velour with a seam-free toe box to reduce rubbing.

Like our other slippers, Daniel features a shoe stiffener and flat sole, which offers more support than a traditional slipper. Machine washable at 30°C.

Joseph is supremely soft and plush to the touch, with adjustable double straps for the ultimate in a secure yet comfortable fit. It opens up really wide for easy access and the bar is elasticated, allowing it to lengthen as your foot changes shape during the day.

Like Daniel, Joseph also featured a shoe stiffener and flat sole, is machine washable to 30°C and contains no animal products.

We realise that not everyone can afford to buy footwear for their friends or loved ones, and footwear is a pretty personal purchase, right?

But to give the gift of comfort you don’t need to buy the shoes, necessarily.

Make sure that you check out our current offers via the red tab in our menu, or browse our End of Line products to find huge bargains.

If you think that someone could benefit from our shoes then you could do one of the following.

Ways to Give the Gift of Comfort #2: Give them our latest brochure

Our brochure contains heaps of information to help people choose the right shoe for their feet.

We clearly highlight which foot health issues our different styles are suitable for, along with key features of each.

There’s a measuring guide included in the brochure - so you can measure your feet in the comfort of your own home - and also a mail order form and telephone ordering details for people unable to order online.

You can order a copy of our current brochure and give this to your friend or loved one. Order your free copy now »

“Found these on FB and sent them to my friend. She is now able to wear shoes. The Hospital unable to help her. She is now so pleased.” ~ Frances

Ways to Give the Gift of Comfort #3: Take them to have shoes fitted

Your friend might not have had their feet measured for years, meaning they’ve probably been buying the wrong size!

Why not offer to take them to an independent DB Wider Fit Shoes stockist where they can, in most cases*, have shoes fitted by a professional, receive advice and try on different styles that might be suitable.

*We always recommend contacting a stockist before you travel, to ensure that they can help.

Find your nearest DB Wider Fit Shoes stockist »

“I bought my first shoes from your stockist and they are the first shoes in my correct size 6. I've been having to buy a size 8 to get a fitting wide enough, so they were never really comfortable. Wow oh wow, what a difference it is wearing shoes that fit and are right for me. Will be going back for another style next month. Thank you. ~ Dorothy Wardle”

Footwear for health issues

If your friend or loved one has a specific health then check out our guides to buying shoes for health issues to get something for their particular need:

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Shoes for bunions »
Shoes for diabetes »
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Shoes for oedema & lymphoedema »
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So now you know three ways to give the gift of comfort, gift-giving no longer need be difficult!

See what some of our customers say about our shoes »

“Thank you so much, it is not an overstatement to say your shoes have changed my life!” ~ Mrs B

“Love my DB shoes. The day I discovered them was life changing. Stylish and comfortable. No more buying shoes 1 or 2 sizes too big! So a big hunk of love to all your designers, sellers, phone staff and cleaners. In fact all of you :)” ~ Jill

“These shoes are so so comfortable! Well worth the money. Quality and comfort - brilliant.” ~ Sue

“I only found out about this brand a few months ago and I wish I’d known earlier.” ~ Diane

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