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DB Shoes Celebrate Their 100th Anniversary

100 Years Celebration


Staff, customers, suppliers, friends and family all joined together for a spectacular night of fun and entertainment.
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Where did it all start?

Having returned from the 1st World War but with no room for them in the family business, Jack and Bill, twin Denton brothers, formed DENBROS Ltd on the 11th February 1920, manufacturing men's shoes and boots in the village of Irchester, Northamptonshire.

Three generations and 100 years later, DB Shoes is still going strong - still owned and run by twin Denton brothers, and still in Northamptonshire supporting the local community.

1920s - 1960s

Jack Denton
Jack Denton
Bill Denton
Bill Denton


We are incredibly proud of our family business, which has survived through thick and thin, through the great depression, the 2nd World War, and through the many changes in the industry - especially from low costs imports initially from Eastern Europe and then the Far East.

2000 - TODAY

David Denton
David Denton
Charles Denton
Charles Denton

2nd World War

We moved to premises in Rectory Road, Rushden, during the 1930's as the business grew and a larger site was required.

Keep Calm & Carry On

The Second World War saw DB Shoes devote much of its production to manufacturing footwear for the war effort.

Leading the field in manufacturing

A turning point in our history was the introduction of PVC and polyurethane direct injection moulding, transforming production methods.

Moulded Polyurethane Sole

DB Shoes were the first factory outside the Clarks group to be permitted to use this new technology, and continues to use it today, making it the longest established polyurethane injection moulding operation in the world.

Watch how a pair of shoes are made

Spotting a gap in the market

With our much healthier lifestyles, abundance of food and comfortable living, we all thankfully have a much greater life expectancy and are generally taller and larger than our 1920 counterparts. This all has an impact on our feet... the need for wider and larger shoes has grown, hence our specialism in wider and deeper fittings, commencing in 1997.

The perfect fit for wider feet

Today, the business trades from our site in Irchester Road, Rushden supplying ladies' and men's shoes in EE, 4E, 6E and 8E width fittings thus ensuring "The perfect fit for wider feet".

Industry recognition

Footwear Industry Award

We are delighted to have our success recognised by both the British Chambers of Commerce and the Footwear Industry with the following awards:


British Chambers of Commerce National Award for Outstanding Business Achievement.


Comfort/Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year.


Comfort/Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year - for the second time

100 Years Celebration
100 Years Celebration