Best Shoes for Diabetes this Spring


Why the Right Footwear is so Important for Diabetes Sufferers

Did you know that there are over 4.7 million people in the UK living with diabetes? Or that 1 in 10 over 40s have Type 2 Diabetes, with Type 2 Diabetes accounting for around 90% of all diagnoses?

You might not realise it, but the right footwear can be of vital importance to diabetes sufferers, and we make a whole range of wide-fitting shoes with the features and benefits that you need, if you suffer from diabetes.


What are the Symptoms of Diabetes


Whilst there are many symptoms of diabetes, including going to the toilet a lot, excessive thirst, tiredness, unintended weight loss and other symptoms that will have limited impact on footwear choices, there are also symptoms such as oedema, cuts and wounds taking longer to heal and loss of sensitivity in feet that means the right choice of footwear is incredibly important.

For a more detailed look at symptoms of diabetes and wide-fitting footwear, see our Autumn Shoes for Diabetes blog.

The problem caused by Diabetes that will impact our foot health, and hence our footwear, is the link to Peripheral Oedema, which results in swelling of joints from the collection of fluid in the feet, ankles, and legs.

It can also result in the loss of sensation in affected areas, meaning that shoes that rub could go unnoticed, causing wounds that, due to diabetes complications, don't heal and could become infected.

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Important shoe features for Diabetes Sufferers with wider feet


Given the factors outlined above, it is important that sufferers of diabetes wear shoes that are:

  1. Genuinely wide-fitting shoes = More room for wider feet

  2. Fit securely

  3. Have "give" to allow for swelling without rubbing

  4. Have toe boxes without internal seams to reducing rubbing

  5. Are made from soft materials for sensitive feet


Wide-fitting shoes = More room for swollen feet and joints


Simply, if you have swollen feet and joints, your need shoes with more room to accommodate this.

Our shoes are wider and deeper than High Street shoes, simply meaning that there is more room in them than you would get from typical High Street shoes - to allow for extra width and less pressure on swollen areas caused by Oedema.

Our Bumper Sole styles like Columbus and Banff are available in our 2V and 6V variable width fittings, making them the widest and deepest fitting shoes you'll find on the market, and they also include seam free toe-boxes to reduce rubbing.

You'll even find this with our walking shoes Wyoming!



Secure Fit


Since peripheral oedema causes loss of feeling in the nerves in the affected area, correctly fitting footwear is vitally important.

Our shoes come in a wide range of fittings, from E to 8E width, and many come with removable insoles, adjustable straps, stretch panels or elasticated straps & gussets to ensure that you can get the perfect fit to avoid rubbing and causing blisters and sores.

In addition, lace-fastening shoes like classic canvas style Tara, wide-fitting trainer Lexi, or classic casual Glossop offer the most secure fitting and can be the best way to reduce rubbing as far as possible.



Please note that if you have diabetes and a narrow or regular width foot, our shoes are NOT suitable as the foot will move around causing sores and rubbing. It is important that you visit a professional to check the fit of the shoe to know your correct width requirement.

Make an appointment at one of our gold star stockists or visit a qualified podiatrist who will examine your feet and give you expert advice about the most suitable footwear for you.


Soft materials or stretch panels to allow for swelling without rubbing


Many of our shoes, like classic casual Healey, are made from super soft leather that is supple, durable and beautiful to the touch. This also allows for an element of "give", which will allow for a swelling without causing rubbing.

We also produce a whole range of styles with stretch fabrics, to mould to the shape of your foot for supreme comfort.

Our Stretch styles include house shoes, day shoes and even dress shoes for special occasions with stretch fabric panels cleverly used within the design to stretch to the shape of your foot. Some are in the toe box whilst some are in the form of elasticated straps that extend to fit, like on Jura, pictured (inset).

Either way, they allow extra room without rubbing and are designed to give a slimmer look.




Toe boxes without internal seams to reducing rubbing


Our shoes are designed to be as smooth internally as possible, with few internal seams and many styles with completely seam-free toe boxes.

This means there is reduced likelihood of rubbing against painful areas or worse, causing sores and open wounds which do not heal, leading to further possible complications in Diabetes sufferers.

All of the shoes mentioned in this article have seam-free toe-boxes, but here are a few more to tickle your fancy!



On top of this you'll find a host of other features designed to offer style & comfort for wider feet.


Soft materials for sensitive feet


If you have sensitive feet, a lightweight shoe from soft materials are a joy to wear.

Our canvas & house shoes are light as a feather and made with soft textile uppers for comfort all day long!



Jura is a favourite classic style in soft canvas, pretty to wear with skirts and dresses too. Like new style Opera, it features an elasticated strap that extends to fit and stretches gently to allow extra room.

Our house shoes, like Dallas, are super comfy like slippers but with extra benefits too! They have stiffeners built into the back for increased support and hard-wearing outsoles that can be worn inside or outside, and are designed for increased stability and support.

Extra padding built into the footbed cushions your foot and makes them super comfy!

Browse all wide-fitting canvas shoes and wide-fitting slippers and house shoes.

We also have shoes suitable for people with diabetes across our other ranges too, even including dress shoes, so you can be sure of style and comfort whatever the occasion.

Browse our full range of wide & deep fitting ladies shoes, sandals and boots now.


Wide & Deep Fitting Shoes for Men


Of course, men suffer from diabetes and need wide shoes too and we have a huge range of wide-fitting men's shoes, many of which have features making them ideal for people with diabetes.

Shannon 2 is one of our best-selling men's styles. A smart yet lightweight shoe that is flexible and comfortable. With a supportive lace-up design this style is perfect for more active lifestyles.



Super comfy, Bumper Sole canvas style Washington is just the ticket this summer. Two cushioned insoles give the ultimate comfort and are removable too for the insertion of orthotic insoles or extra depth.

You'll even find our rugged, waterproof walking boot Odessa comes with all the features you need to be perfect for diabetes sufferers, so you needn't let the condition stop you from taking to the hills!

Men's House Shoe Chandler is both functional and practical, with a single touch fastening strap with stretch toe box for comfort.


In addition to these, browse our full range of wide-fitting men's shoes here.


Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.