Summer Stunners: The Best Wide Fit Summer Shoes for 2023?


Summer is on its way and that means it’s time for stepping out in style!

But you don’t need to let your wide or problem feet put a dampener on your summer.

What if we told you that you could look great this summer, with stylish wide-fitting, and even extra wide-fitting shoes, that don’t hurt your feet?

Imagine it. Being able to go out with friends, looking great and feeling confident, knowing that your footwear won’t cause you pain. Even if your feet swell during the day or evening, knowing that your footwear will still be as comfortable as the moment you put them on.

Think you’re dreaming, or that we’re crazy? Think again.

Our shoes not only look great – check them out below! – but we put our 100 years’ of shoe-making experience into developing features specifically for people with wide, deep and problem feet that are designed to ensure pure and total comfort from the first time you put them on.

“The best pairs of sandals I have bought. So comfortable.”

Mrs A

Whether it's a stylish wide-fitting summer sandal you're looking for, something with a heel for nights in the bar or cafes, a classic wide-fitting loafer or the cutest of pumps for everyday wear, we have you covered from E to 8E width (that's EEEEEEEE!) in sizes 3-9 (ladies) or 6-14 (men's).

Comfort Testimonial

What are the most stylish wide fitting shoes this Summer?


What are the best Wide-fitting Sandals for 2023?


We have a huge range of sandals in our wide 2V(EE-4E) and extra wide 6V(6E-8E) width fittings so it’s hard to pick even two or three! But we’ll take one for the team and pick some of our absolute favourites.

Our new range of footbed sandals, with styles like Raja and Stacey has got everybody talking! Stylish and modern but still so comfy, these styles mentioned are arthritis and bunion -friendly, and good for feet that swell – ideal in summer time!

If you’re looking for a flat sandal then why not check out Scooter. Sumptuous in light blue or orange suede - perfect for pairing with patterned summer dresses or denim - or classic black or white leather.

They two adjustable straps open up really wide for easy access and the cute ring design looks both modern and classic at the same time.


Can you buy vegan-friendly wide-fitting and sandals?

In addition to our leather and suede sandals we also offer a range of vegan-friendly styles, made without animal products, including Suki, Regan and Pochard.

Suki and Pochard are both arthritis-friendly too!


The best wide-fitting shoes for going out


If you’re looking for styles to hit the town in this summer then perhaps wide fitting wedge sandal Tuft or strappy sandal Tundra could be right up your street.

For an outing where heels are the order of the day (or night) then Lapwing and Curlew are just what you need to turn heads with style, but in total comfort.

“I just love these sandals. It's very difficult to get pretty sandal for wide feet. The heel is perfect, the leather is buttery soft and they’re super comfortable.”



The best wide-fitting loafers and pumps


No summer range is complete without a healthy range of pumps, and ours is no exception.

With a large range of styles with lace-up fastenings for a secure fit or slip-ons for ease, and a choice of block colours or patterns, and in our wide 2V(EE-4E) or extra-wide 6V(6E-8E) width fittings, we’ve more than got you covered.

If it’s a plain coloured style that you prefer, we’d have to direct you to classic, best-selling lace-up pump Yoko or extra-cute slip-on Coup, both in beautiful summer colours to provide the perfect accent to your day, as well as black or white options for a classic feel.

“Well-made shoe, lovely design. Really easy to put on (I'm disabled and usually require help with shoes). So comfy to wear. I like them so much I've bought three other pairs; navy, yellow and pink!”

Mrs Reader

If you love a print then lace-up style Antrim is your new best friend. A classic lace-up with a higher stitch point that means a seam-free toe-box, making it suitable for bunions and hammer toes.


The best summer shoes for health conditions


As you’ll have seen already, many of our shoes are suitable for – or should we say designed for – people with a range of health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, bunions and hammer toes, swollen feet or feet that swell, so it’s hard to pick just one but it’s really hard to ignore our range of everyday shoes like Roberta, that’s suitable for diabetes, arthritis, bunions and hammer toes and feet that swell!

For more styles suitable for health conditions, look out for the icons in our brochure by each product.

Remember, this is just a tiny proportion of our ladies' summer range! For wide and extra-wide fitting trainers, dress shoes, loafers or house shoes, or more sandals or pumps, please browse all wide-fitting ladies' styles now >

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers say about the style and comfort available with our wide and extra-wide fitting summer styles:

“The best pairs of sandals I have bought. So comfortable.”

Mrs A


“I began insisting on trying boots on only because I was certain I would only flip flop in and out of sandals. Then the assistant persuaded me to try some sandals and I saw that they were deep enough to take my insoles. I was utterly amazed. Utterly. Speechless. What an absolute joy it is to see the trendy styles you have. I have no need to look further.”

Mrs B