The best wide-fitting sandals for fun in the sun in 2022


After a tough couple of years we're sure even more of us are hoping to get away this year, and now is the time that we start planning and booking that little holiday to look forward to!

Whether that's a trip abroad or a seaside staycation, a little sun, sea and sand is just what the doctor ordered.

And, of course, you want to make sure you look the part while you're sunning yourself or taking in the sights, and the last thing you want is uncomfortable footwear ruining your day!

And that's where we come in, because we've got the most comfortable and stylish wide-fitting sandals around to make sure you look and feel the part this summer!

Whether it's a wide-fitting flat sandal or even an extra-wide fitting wedge sandal you need, you can be sure that our sandals come with all the features that your feet need for pure comfort.

Our styles are available from width fittings E to 8E (that's EEEEEEEE!) in sizes 3-9 (ladies) or 6-14 (men's).


Here are our Top 10 wide and extra wide fitting sandals for 2022:


The best wide-fitting Sandals


  1. Our Wedge Sandals are just the ticket for perfect style and comfort. Our flexible wedge heels are Super Stable due to a straight sole profile, Super Flexible so they're very comfortable to wear and Super Lightweight; constructed in strong but light materials so they don't weight your feet down. They're also Shock Absorbent with an 'air-bubble' sole to make it feel as though you're walking on air.

    The clever design and deep sole neatly hide the width and depth of the styles so, although the 1¾" heel offer the style and height benefit is that it only feels like a 1" heel, as the stable platform is half of the height ... Clever!

    In fact, they're so fab-u-lous it was hard to just pick one from super sleek Ouse or Star, patterned Flutter or Stretch style Bobbie! (So we chose 2!)

    Firstly there's stunning style Bobbie. In addition to the above features, Bobbie also comes with Cut-to-fit adjustable twin straps that can be altered as your foot changes shape during the day, and open up for easy access.

    Bobbie also has suede and stretch textile mesh panels that mould to the shape of your foot and gently stretch to offer more room as your feet swell.


  2. We couldn't write a piece about the best wide-fitting sandals without mentioning Ouse! Be super-stylish without torturing your feet! This fashion-conscious design doesn't look like they're wide & deep but they are!

    Available in mustard, rose pink or navy nubuck with a V-throat for more comfortable fit and adjustable ankle strap for the perfect fit, you'll really look the part. This style sold out in 2021 so don't miss out!


  3. Super stylish wide-fitting sandal Kay has proven super popular already this season. Designed as a fashion sandal that's perfect for summer evenings abroad or at home, it's also designed with superb features for wide and extra wide feet.

    Firstly, it opens up for easy access with toe to ankle laces and can be easily adjusted if your feet swell during the day and the elastic gusset on the ankle allows ease of fit. The punched design allows air to flow around your foot, keeping it cool on warm days and the padded footbed offers so much comfort!

    What's more, Kay is available in our 2V (EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) width fittings, so it's perfect for even the widest of feet.



  1. Wide-fitting Sporty sandal Renew is the perfect wide-fitting sandal for seeing the sights this summer. With 3 adjustable straps, including a pull-back ankle strap with D ring, you can adjust each to perfectly suit your foot.

    Cushioned inners and cushioned comfort footbed make Renew so comfy for getting out and about.


  2. The best wide-fitting mule sandal around has to be Octavia! Stylish in suede with patterned blue or grey textile upper and just so comfy! Super cushioned comfort microfibre removable insoles can be removed to fit your own orthotic insoles and offer extra comfort.

    Again, Octavia is available in our widest 6V(6E-8E) width fittings.


  3. Swallow is a super comfy Stylish mule, specially designed for wider fittings, with an adjustable, touch fastening toe piece. In bright and bold red or blue super-cute patterned textile they're just the thing for brighter days by the pool or beach!

    The style opens up for easy access or can easily be slipped on and off during the day.



The best extra-wide fitting sandals


We've already mentioned three styles that are extra wide, in Kay, Octavia and Swallow, but it doesn't end there. We have a broad selection of extra-wide fitting sandals available so you're spoilt for choice this summer, no matter how wide your feet are! All of the below are available in our widest fitting - 6V - suitable for people requiring 6E - 8E width fitting (that's EEEEEE - EEEEEEEE and the widest and deepest sandals you will find on the market, by the way!)

  1. Watford is one of our Wedge Heel sandals available in 2V(EE-4E) or 6V(6E-8E) width fittings but, to offer the required support for wider feet, our Wedge Heel styles are mounted on our classic flat sandal sole - SO comfy!

    Problems with bunions? No problem! Decorative stretch panels easily accommodate bunions and allow room for swelling, whilst the patterned textile can cleverly hide bumpy feet.


  2. Bliss is from our Flat Sandal range and is our best-selling sandal to date. As with our other sandals, they have Super Cushioned Comfort Microfibre Removable Insoles; a feature unique in a sandal, allowing you to replace our insole with your own orthotic insoles.

    They also have Air Bubble soles that cushion every step you take for day long comfort, increased support from a full-back design and have a flared sole for increased stability.

    What are you waiting for?!


  3. Although it's difficult to choose a final extra-wide fitting sandal, Halford is a favourite best-seller and so we've let the people decide for our final extra-wide fitting sandal choice!

    "Smart looking sandal and gives a good support with my orthotic insoles" says Mrs W.

    Once again it's a full backed sandal for increased support with flared sole for stability and also comes with elastic gussets for an improved fit and adjustable pull-back strap for secure fastening. The strap is designed to suit any ankle size, from slim to swollen, with a choice of up to 3 strap lengths. The strap can be easily adjusted to your ankle, and then cut to fit. The perfect fit for your feet!



The best wide fitting sandals for men


  1. Our wide-fitting sandal for men, Ramsey (pictured), is a casual, sporty style that's easy to wear even without socks, with easily adjustable touch-fastening straps for a secure fit.

    With leather and textile upper and cut-to-fit straps Ramsey both look the part and offer the perfect fit for wider feet this summer.



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“Beautiful sandals... extremely comfortable, my feet just sank into them. The fit was perfect for my wide feet.”

Mrs N


“I loved these shoes; attractive and so comfortable as soon as I tried them on. Nice to have a sandal that does not rub anywhere... Now I have found them after years of shoe torture I cannot stop buying them!”

Mrs S


“Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my beautiful, elegant sandals. I have had decades of misery trying to find attractive comfortable shoes. Thank goodness I found you.I am looking forward to my next pair.”

Mrs P



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