A DB for Every Occasion this Spring


With so much to look forward to this spring and summer, if you have wide, deep or problem feet you don't just want wide-fitting shoes to be comfortable for ONE occasion. You want style AND comfort for ALL occasions!


That's why here at DB Wider Fit Shoes we don't just provide one type of shoe: We provide wide and deep fitting shoes, boots, sandals, leisure styles, walking shoes, casual shoes, day-out shoes, meeting-friends-shoes, office shoes, hitting-the-town shoes, hitting the beach shoes, comfort-at-home shoes, the list goes on...!

There is, quite literally, a DB Wider Fit Shoe for every occasion this Summer.

Why not discover our full range and make sure you're covered for style and comfort, no matter what the occasion?

Here are just a few ideas...


Hitting the coffee shop shoes...

Perhaps you're meeting friends for a coffee or a bite to eat. You don't want to overdress but you still want to look great! Super stylish smat flat Mandarin will catch the eye, stylish sandals Roxanne in floral light blue or mango can be dressed up or down beautifully, or adding a splash of colour with Diana's summer flavours could be just the ticket.

Find a range of styles ideal for meeting friends in our loafers & pumps and flat casuals sections.



My hitting the exercise shoes...

Want to step up your daily exercise in comfort? Beautiful trainer Scaup is super comfy, with lace-up fastening for greater adjustment and secure fit and breathable mesh panel for cool feet. Available in 3 understated summer colours.

Further clever features on Scaup and many of our other trainers and active styles include a "flared" sole: the outer-sole 'flares' out from top to bottom, spreading weight and making the sole more stable, and a built-in heel cup gives increased support and helps to stop the foot from rolling. Clever huh!

Barrow is a new for '23 all rounder trainer in stretch mesh material that moulds to the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort. The mesh fabric allows your feet to breathe and keep cool in warm weather and the square toe box gives plenty of room for toes and has no seams, reducing rubbing for an extremely comfortable wear. Barrow is made with no animal products so is vegan-friendly and also bunion friendly and the lightweight Air-bubble sole will have you walking on air, literally!

“I thought my daily 3 mile walk would be asking a little too much. How wrong I was - it was like my feet were cushioned against everything.
I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Mrs B


My hitting the town shoes...

If you're looking to make an impression then look no further than our selection of elegant flats, casual heels or flat sandals ranges.

Styles like Canterbury will really catch the eye, whilst our casual heels include elegant shoes and ankle boots with leather uppers and lining and a stylish 2" heel. You really can't tell that they are wider & deeper, allowing so much more room for your toes than high street 'fashion' brands.

What can we say about Lapwing? Modern, sleek and stylish, and still perfect for wide feet. The lace-up design offers adjustment for any foot shape and you can even remove the tongue to decide your own style.



My "who's that lady?" shoes...

Really want to make waves? Then see our Da Bella Spring/Summer range. Enjoy elegance and comfort with our range of court shoes designed for you to enjoy the occasion in style and comfort.

Many of our customers have spent years attending weddings and parties in trainers or flip-flops as the only things comfy enough but, when they discover our shoes, find themselves able to dance the night away with confidence that they look and feel great!


Take sleek court shoe Paris, in stunning summer colours with an elegantly styled pointed toe box that is still deep & wide for all day comfort. Or smart heel Curlew in classic black, silver or taupe with open toe and three adjustable straps for adjustability.

Or, if you struggle to get an elegant court shoe which fits and doesn't hurt your feet then try our amazing 'stretch' Da Bella courts - they gently expand as your foot shape changes during the day!

Constance has a stretch toe-box and also comes in a patterned design which can disguise 'bumpy' feet. In addition, the rounded Toe Shape with deep & wide seam-free toe box allows for all day comfort with no sore toes!

Available in 5 colours so you'll find a style to fit any outfit.

Discover more Da Bella styles


My hitting the beach shoes...

Our sporty sandals, like Renew, are the perfect holiday companion, equally at home on the beach or for walking in comfort. Modern & versatile - the advantage of our sporty styles is the ultimate adjustability of all the straps for a custom fit - to suit you.

The broad tread means though our sporty sandals are labelled as 2V (EE-4E fitting) they can fit up to a 6E fitting by adjusting the straps.

And pretty mule styles like Swallow could be just what you need for lounging on the beach or by the pool. They're easy to slip on and off and are touch fastening for great adjustment, with Air-bubble sole so they're SO comfy!



My hitting the vaycay shoes...

When you want to dress that vacation - or staycation - style up a notch, you'll love our fashion wedges: sleek styles with wedge soles that are Super Stable, Super Flexible, Super Lightweight and Super Shock Absorbent. Do you notice a trend here?

For walking round tourist spots or turning heads in the cafes and bars discover more Wide-fitting Sandals



My day out in style shoes...

Dreading a day out on your feet, seeing the sights? Know you'll need to pack an extra pack of plasters for the blisters?

Now you can enjoy being out & about without having to worry about your feet.

Choose from active flat casual styles like Frida with breathable stretch mesh textile uppers. They both stretch to the shape of your foot, allowing extra room, AND are breathable to keep your feet cool. With their Air-bubble sole they're ideal for all day comfort.

Or how about our Bumper Sole styles like Yoko, Coup, or Hudson? "What's so special about our Bumper Soles?" we hear you ask...

Well, firstly, they look great and feel even better! They're made with no animal products, so they're vegan friendly wide-fitting shoes and they're incredibly comfortable, for all day wear without the pain.

In addition, with Hudson the uppers are made using recycled materials, meaning they're good for you AND the environment!


Many of our bumper sole styles have seam-free toe-boxes and the two removable cushioned insoles are super-comfy and allow you to vary the depth/fitting or insert your own orthotic insoles.

And, they have stiffeners built into the heel for increased stability.

What more do you need!?


My "indoor-outdoor / I don't want to leave the house" shoes...

We also realise that staying at home can be just as much of an occasion as heading out! And many of us may still be staying indoors for some time yet.

And that's where our extensive range of lightweight canvas styles and our range of house shoes come in.

Lightweight and comfy, with back stiffeners for support and hard-wearing soles, these styles can be worn indoors or outdoors. Trust us, once you try them you won't want to take them off