Keep Active this Winter
With wide fitting trainers.


Let's get active outdoors this winter!

For many people with wide feet or foot health issues, getting out of the house and keeping active can be a painful experience, with shoes pinching or rubbing, and this can have a huge impact on overall health. But did you know that it needn't be like this?

NHS guidance suggests that adults should do some type of physical activity every day, including walking or a gentle jog, but even these can be too painful with the wrong shoes.

With well-fitting wide-fitting trainers or leisure shoes for women and men you can get outdoors and keep active in comfort, contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle and a positive spiral of health improvements. Even people requiring extra-wide fit can still get out in comfort with our shoes available to 6E or 8E width fittings - that's EEEEEEEE - and to ladies' size 9.

The right wide-fitting shoes really can have this impact so we've outlined our pick of the best wide-fitting trainers for you this winter to get your outdoors and exercising gently, to see a new you for 2022!

Unless mentioned, the styles below are available in our 2V and 6V variable width fittings, containing specially designed removable insoles for extra internal space or for the insertion of orthotic or other specialist insoles, making them ideal for people with high or fallen arches or other foot conditions requiring a specialist insole.

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The 10 best wide and extra-wide fitting shoes for exercise


  1. Fareham
    Fareham is a classic wide-fitting trainer style shoe in soft leather with a lace-up fastening for the most secure, adjustable fit and a stable flat sole design that is wider at the base for increased support & stability.

  2. Fox
    Wide-fitting trainer Fox is from our Stretch range, containing Stretch faux leather panels that mould around awkward shaped feet for the ultimate in comfort whilst you walk, and also blend into the leather upper so they look just like normal trainers. Dual straps can be easily adjusted at will and can even cut to the desired length to avoid flapping and catching whilst you exercise.

  3. Brighton
    Brighton is another Stretch trainer, with a smooth stretch fabric toe box that contains no internal seams, our flared sole for support and stability for wide-feet and two removable insoles to ensure the perfect, most comfortable fit.

  4. Dubai
    The ankle boot style of Dubai offers additional support for ankles to the security of a lace-up style active shoe. With almond shaped toe and lace-up to the ankle it's a great combination of support and security, with a grippy rubber sole to ensure you're steady underfoot.


  1. Andes
    Wide-fitting ankle boot Andes looks just the part for countryside walks and comes with all the features you need. The lace-up and zip combination mean that once the laces have been set to the desired fit, there's no need to undo them! Just access the boot using the zip.

    The seam-free toe box means no rubbing against sore feet; the removeable insoles mean that you can increase the internal space or add your own insole, and the lightweight air-bubble sole make it feel like you're walking on air for all day walking comfort. Available in our 2V variable width fitting and our 6E width fitting.

  2. Taipei
    Taipei is a sporty boot ideal for strolls, with laces for adjustment and inside zip for easy access, soft faux fur collar for a soft, comfortable & relaxed fit on the ankle, square toe box providing extra room for toes and 2 removable insoles

  3. Nebraska
    Take to walking in our super-comfortable walking boots - specially designed for walkers with wide and extra-wide feet, they accommodate thick socks too! Nebraska are waterproof and even come with a bellows tongue to avoid water entry from above, ensuring your feet stay dry whatever the weather.

    They have removable 'Air Comfort' padded insoles for extra depth or to insert your own orthotic insoles and you can be sure-footed with our flexible & grippy rubber soles. The round toe shape and deep, seam-free toe box give the ultimate toe comfort!


Wide and extra-wide fitting active shoes for Men


  1. Seb
    Our leisure shoes like Seb have a sporty fashion look (just like 'normal' trainers) - but they are wider & deeper, allowing room for your feet, with hidden cushioning so that you can enjoy the pleasure of walking without discomfort.

    Seb is a classic active style with lace-up style for secure fit, a round, deep toe-box to give plenty of room for your toes, removeable air-comfort insoles and a grippy rubber sole.

  2. Tilbrook
    Tilbrook is an active boot that laces up to the ankle for extra stability and also opens up wide for easy access. Grippy rubber sole means you're sure underfoot, they're super comfortable and look great too.

  3. Odessa
    Rugged wide-fitting walking boot Odessa is perfect for the more adventurous! Completely waterproof in leather or suede with bellows tongue, padded collar and lightweight, shock absorbent sole for extra cushioning as you walk. Available in our 3 variable width fittings, V, 2V and 6V - it's suitable for anybody with slightly wide, wide or extra wide feet!



So, there you have our top 10 wide-fitting and extra-wide shoes for keeping active.

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We know that our shoes will help you to get out of the house and keep active, helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle without pain. But don't just take our word for it. See what our customers say:

“During lockdown I have been walking regularly but my surgically altered left foot is always sore and painful, despite my best efforts to protect it. Since discovering DB Wider Fit Shoes, I am constantly amazed at the comfort and style of the shoes, but I thought my daily 3 mile walk (OK, I'm just boasting now!) would be asking a little too much. How wrong I was. It was like my feet were cushioned against everything. I couldn't stop smiling. Thank you so much, it is not an overstatement to say your shoes have changed my life! ”

Mrs B

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the service you provide. Before I was aware of your wider shoe sizes I had given up hope of finding comfortable shoes. I am very grateful to you for making walking a pleasure again! ”

Mrs C

“As a person who has suffered ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes for over 30 years, having the opportunity to wear shoes which fit and don't cause long-lasting pain is incredible! ”

Mr B

“You cannot know how happy I was to slip on those boots and walk around without any pain! ”

Mrs L

“My elderly neighbour broke her foot and then a toe and has found walking very difficult and painful - until she found Wider Fit Shoes. She is now able to walk without pain and as they are so supportive she wears them at home as well as outside.”

Mrs H

“I have had problems with painful feet for a long time, suffering from arthritis and slightly deformed toes and had sadly got used to walking about always in pain, experimenting with various pads, but nothing seemed to help. I have had great difficulty finding shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. These Arabella shoes are without doubt the most comfortable pair I have ever had. From the minute I put them on my feet they were perfect, so much so that I immediately ordered a second pair. I feel as if I have been walking on air ever since. I can hardly believe that I have absolutely no pain at all. Thank you so much! ”

Mrs K

“She could not walk more than a few steps before but, today she is off down the corridor without any pain in her feet.”

Mr H