Active & leisure Styles for City breaks and leisure holidays


When you're enjoying a city break in Europe or leisure-holidaying in the UK you know that you need the right footwear.

You need practical leisure shoes, sandals or trainers that offer all day comfort and the versatility to wear for multiple activities. After all, you don't want to be dragging along 5 pairs of shoes for the weekend!

Whether it's long walks across country, seeing the sights and hitting the cafes on your city break or leisurely walks from the caravan or motorhome to the beach, you need all day comfort.

That's where we come in!

We specialise in wide and extra-wide fitting footwear that is designed to offer comfort from the first wear and the support you need to be active all day.

But then you also want the comfort of a leisure shoe for the evening, or downtime. No fear, we've got you there too!


Specialist Features


Features like:

  • Air-bubble Technology soles to make it feel like you're walking on air;
  • A choice of fastenings are suited to different activities and differing requirements for security of fit and adjustability;
  • Stretch materials that mould to the shape of your feet for total comfort;
  • Flared soles for stability;
  • Different shapes of toe-box suit different shaped feet and ensure enough room for toes;
  • Seam free toe-boxes on many styles to ensure there's no rubbing.



With a range of high quality practical materials that offer comfort where you need it, like our stretch fabrics that mould to the shape of your feet to avoid rubbing and allow your feet to swell during the day we've thought of everything!

And because our shoes genuinely fit, you won't suffer from rubbing, squeezing or incorrect support. Just the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear.

So if you're looking for active styles for your next holiday or short break then check out our active and leisure styles below for total style, comfort and practicality.


Wide-fitting active styles for holidays.


Wide-fitting trainer Echo is a stylish and practical lace-up with suede, leather and mesh panels and two '' Air Comfort'' insoles for all day comfort.

The Air cooled design allows air to flow around the foot to keep cool in hot weather and the round toe shape ensures enough room for toes to move!

Selena is a sporty sandal with a chunky air-bubble sole and cut-to-fit touch-fastening straps that allow lots of adjustment for the perfect fit. Padded textile cushioning offers extra comfort for active feet, all day long.

Selena also features a back strap to ensure a secure fit while you keep active.

New for 2023 Starling is another sandal made for active feet. The full back design offers extra support and stability and the fuller sides offer increased padded foot protection.

The broad tread of Selena and Starling means that, although they are labelled as a 2V (EE - 4E) fitting, by adjusting the extended, cut-to-fit straps, they can fit up to a 6E fitting. These styles are also arthritis and bunion-friendly, and good for feet that swell.

Stylish wide-fitting mule Wigeon is versatile enough for easy city walks or strolls to the beach, but stylish enough for casual dining and evening entertainment. Suede upper with clever stretch panels to accommodate bunions and expand with your feet as they swell on active summer days, lightweight shock absorbent air-bubble sole for extra cushioning as you walk, and removable insoles to allow extra room or for the insertion of orthotics, itís packed with features!

Gannet is a lightweight everyday shoe with added stretch and is designed for active feet but with style in mind. The square toe shape allows extra room for toes and cleverly positioned stretch textile panels that mould to the shape of your foot offer total comfort Ė and even pure relief for people with bunions.

The pull-back strap with D-ring offers a secure fit for active feet too.

Wide-fitting walking shoe Wyoming is the widest and deepest walking shoe on the market, itís rugged, hard-wearing and comfortable. Completely waterproof and with an extra grippy rubber outsole itís just perfect for long walks in the British countryside.

Echo, Wyoming, Wigeon and Gannet are available in our 2V (EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) variable width fittings, making them the perfect fit for even the widest feet. Selena and Starling are available in our 2V (EE-4E) variable width fitting although, as mentioned, due to the broad tread and extended cut-to-fit straps, they can fit up to a 6E fitting.

Find out more about our width fittings and how to measure your feet for our shoes

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Wide-fitting leisure styles.


Best-selling wide and extra-wide fitting canvas Yoko is perfect for seeing the sights or less busy days taking in the cafes. Pretty and practical, our fashionable, super-flexible "Bumper" sole make this a must-have shoe for summer.

Available in 7 just-too-cute colours, including Soft Pink, Aqua Green, Yellow and more.

Super popular, lightweight active style Hawaii must be the perfect holiday shoe. The air cooled design allows air to flow around the foot, whilst the mesh pattern material moulds around the foot and even helps disguise 'bumpy' feet. The two removable insoles ensure the perfect, most comfortable fit and the touch fastening straps are designed for easy access and adjustment.

Hawaii also opens really wide for easy access.

Barrow is a classic leisure style in our lightweight stretch fabric that looks the part and feels great. The one piece stretch panel front moulds to the shape of your foot and has no seams, ensuring no rubbing, just pure comfort. The extremely soft mesh material is breathable to keep feet cool in summer and theyíre totally vegan-friendly too.

Casual shoe Sinead is striking with its punched design and stunning colour options. Our trademark bumper sole is so comfy and flexible for ease of movement and the fully adjustable lace-up design makes them ideal for feet that swell.

Theyíre comfy enough for all-day wear and definitely stylish enough for casual activities!

Cute wide-fitting slip-on Coup is an about-town style thatís perfect for easy vacation days. The cushioned air-bubble sole and round toe shape ensure itís super comfy, whilst twin elasticated gussets allow improved fit.

Coup is also arthritis, bunion and vegan-friendly!

All styles above are available in our 2V (EE-4E) and 6V(6E-8E) variable width fittings, making them the perfect fit for even the widest feet.

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We also have a wide range of men's shoes that are perfect for leisure holidays. Like sporty sandal Ramsey, rugged waterproof walking shoe Utah, trainers Dawson, Seb or Wakefield (to name but a few) or leisure styles Declan, Washington or Barney. Just like our ladies styles, our range of wide-fitting shoes for men are designed with practicality, style and comfort in mind and come with all the features to make them the perfect fit for wide-deep or problem feet.

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