Must Have Shoes for Lockdown

Here at DB Wider Fit Shoes we learnt a lot from the initial lockdown earlier this year, and we've used this knowledge to suggest the perfect shoes to help you through.

Firstly, we're spending more time indoors.


Are your slippers now a little worse for wear? No wonder - they probably have been in action a lot more already this year!

Don't settle for tatty slippers. Not only do you deserve comfort but also, tatty, ill-fitting old slippers are a known cause of falls in the elderly.

Why not treat yourself (or a loved one) to new House Shoes for winter?


What are House Shoes?


Well, our House Shoes are like upgraded Slippers!

They may look like slippers but they have great hidden features like shoe-stiffeners to provide the support of a shoe, hard wearing outsoles, so you can nip into the garden without changing shoes, but all with the cosy comfort of a slipper.

Not only that, but our House Shoes are all wide-fitting, available from E to 8E width fittings, ensuring you have the room that your feet & toes need to stay super comfy.

Our House Shoes come with a range of features making them perfect for wider feet during lockdown.


Our feet are swelling...


During the first national lockdown many of our customers explained their feet had swollen even more than usual, either swelling through the day due to longer periods of inactivity, or longer term even through weight gain and a more permanent increase in size.

We offer 7 different width fittings, a host of different adjustment mechanisms including lace-up fastenings, adjustable straps, Velcro styles and much more,

to give you the adjustment you need, and also a range of Stretch styles, that stretch to the shape of your feet, allowing a little extra give for feet to swell during the day - which can happen especially when seated for longer periods of the day.

Our Stretch styles are also designed for indoor or outdoor wear, so can double as House Shoes!

Getting out for daily exercise is so important...


...but we need the right footwear to exercise in comfort.

Now more than ever it's important to ensure that we're getting out and about for, at least, a daily walk.

We offer a variety of casual styles perfect for people going a stroll round the block, wide & deep fitting boots of all types for those fancying Autumn walks in the woods, or ath-leisure styles, suitable whether it's a gentle stroll you want or for the more active of you looking for a little higher intensity activity.

Either way, these are the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear.


Active styles unique features.


Discover the hidden features which make our leisure shoes SO comfortable!

Now more than ever it's important to ensure that we're getting out and about for, at least, a daily walk.



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