Top 10 Wide-fitting wedding shoes for 2023


Wedding season is upon us and it's time to make sure we're decked out for the occasion!

We know all too well about the classic wedding dilemma, especially when you have wide, deep or problem feet:

"I want to look great and have pretty shoes that match my outfit, but I also want to enjoy the day without worrying about how much my feet hurt."

Of course, it's a wedding and you want to look your best, but you'd be surprised how many of our customers tell us that, before they discovered DB Wider Fit Shoes, they used to take or wear trainers or flip flops to weddings because their wedding shoes were just too painful, especially when they're on their feet a lot and want to have a boogie!

But that changes when they discover our dress shoes!

We design our dress and occasion shoes like we design ALL our wide and extra-wide fitting shoes: where comfort is Queen.

We use the same design features that we use in other styles to enable us to produce slimmer looking, less bulky styles to look dainty and pretty for the occasion, even in extra-wide fittings.

We use thin, soft materials like our stretch fabrics that mould to the shape of your feet to reduce rubbing and allow some "give" and include air-comfort insoles to ensure total comfort, all day.


So here's our rundown of the best wide and extra-wide fitting wedding shoes for 2023:


Classic Wide fitting wedding shoes

New smart slingback dress-sandal Trudy has a cute ribbon design on the toe, a stable 2 ¼" heel and adjustable back strap for a secure fit. The strap can also be cut to the correct length to ensure a tidy look.

Looking to really make an impression? Then our court shoes are just what you need. Super-sleek slingback Purbeck has proven a best-seller over the past year, in a range of summer colours including stunning soft gold, pink, white or new denim textile.

Classically styled Paris brings understated elegance to any outfit, available in beautiful soft pink, silver and denim textile, amongst others. Perfect with playsuits, dresses or trousers.

Trudy is available in 4E and 6V (6E-8E) width fittings, Purbeck is available in our 4E width fitting, Paris is available in 2V (EE-4E) variable width fitting. All available in half sizes.

“New shoes, wedding not normally good mix. These were like walking on air. For me a miracle with my feet problems.”




Wide and extra wide wedding shoes with stretch for total comfort:

New for 2023 Atlantic is an elegant dress shoe with 2 ¼" heel for all occasions. Arthritis-friendly and good for feet that swell, due to cleverly positions stretch material uppers, Atlantic is the perfect wedding shoe for all day comfort.

Constance is a cute & stylish block heel dress shoe with a subtly patterned stretch front panel that moulds to the shape of your feet for total comfort all day. It’s also arthritis and bunion-friendly, and great for feet that swell, due to the soft stretch material.

Removable leather "air-comfort" cushioned insoles allow you to create extra room in the shoe or insert your own specialist insole.

Not only does the round shape toe offer extra room but the style also has a seam-free toe box making for an extremely comfortable wear with no rubbing.

Constance has proven super popular so far in 2023 and it's easy to see why! Available in 2V (EE-4E) and 6E width fitting too, Constance is the perfect extra-wide wedding shoe for you this summer.

Heeled Delilah is the perfect choice for that extra special occasion.

Stylish 2¼" heel brings just enough height whilst the full back design offers increased support and stability for greater comfort.

The almond shape toe is styled for elegance and shaped for comfort, and the cleverly designed stretch panel accommodates an individual's foot shape by gently moulding to the shape of the foot. Patterned textiles are also great for hiding bumpy feet! Perfect for bunions and feet that swell.


Constance is available in 2V (EE-4E), 6E width fittings. Delilah is available in 2V (EE-4E) and Atlantic is available in 2V (EE-4E) and 6V (6E-8E). Available in half sizes.

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“I have lymphoedema and have bought my wedding shoes from you. I really thought I was going to have to wear trainers or flip flops until I found your website so thank you ”




The Best Wedding Sandals


Brand new heeled sandals Curlew and Lapwing are just stunning for weddings in the sun this year.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, with looks like this, these styles wouldn’t be practical, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Curlew has 3 adjustable straps with buckle fitting for ultimate adjustability, each of which can be cut to the correct length for your fit.

Lapwing has a sleek lace-up design that adjusts to any foot shape and a removable tongue to let you choose your design. Additionally, although labelled as a 2V (EE - 4E) fitting, the laces on Lapwing can be adjusted to fit up to a 6E fitting.

The square toe shape on both designs offers plenty of room of toes and the 2 ¼” block heels offer height with stability.

Both styles are available in three great colours: black, taupe or silver for the perfect look with any outfit.


Smart flat shoes for weddings


If you're looking for something a little different, or without a heel, then discover our smart flats.

Katrina is a slingback style with buckle detail that looks sleek with dresses, whilst in Canterbury you'll really make an impression! Not only are they striking in appearance with the punched design, but this also allows air to circulate, keeping your feet cool on hot days, and prettily hides your toes!

Available in gold, tan or navy in 4E and 6E width fittings, so they're ideal for even extra wide feet!

Driffield are pretty as a picture and supremely comfortable! As a loafer they're slightly more dressed down but offer the perfect styling for a less formal wedding with punched design and bow detail.

Available in soft pink, Gold or navy.

Finally, cute pump Emmental offers another opportunity to dress it up in an understated way. They're super comfy for all day wear and, in pink, gold or navy, they're pretty enough to complement a cute summer dress.

Driffield and Emmental are available in our 2V (EE-4E) or 6V(6E-8E) variable width fittings, they come with cleverly designed removable insoles to create extra room or for the insertion of orthotics.

Thousands of happy customers (with very happy feet!)


Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers say about the style and comfort available with our wide and extra-wide fitting sandals:


“I just recently purchased a pair for my daughter's wedding which were so comfortable and well worth the money. Having arthritis in my feet and ankles l would not buy from any other company. DB are the best.”



“I am so pleased that I found you when looking for some shoes for my son's wedding. Beautiful comfortable and pretty what more could you want. Will now try you first when I want any more shoes. Thank you”



“I suffer with peripheral neuropathy & I bought some shoes from you. I was able to wear them for a wedding for a full 10 hrs. It was amazing!”