A real diamond - What to expect from your visit
to a DB Diamond star retailer


Did you know that DB Wider Fit Shoes aren't just available through our website, but also through an extensive network of independent stockists across the UK, Ireland & beyond! You'll even find stockists as far afield as Singapore and even Australia!

As with everything that we do, we're passionate about the experience that you'll have when visiting a stockist of our shoes. That's why we regularly train staff in our Gold & Diamond Star stockists, to ensure they have all the knowledge they need to find you the perfect fit for your feet. No matter what size or shape!


What are Diamond Star Retailers?


To ensure that you can be sure of the best experience, we group our stockists into Standard, Gold & Diamond. These categories aren't arbitrary though - they're based on our own scoring system that takes into account the experience of the retailer, their knowledge of our shoes and the number of different lines and sizes that they stock.

You can be sure of the best experience with one of our Diamond Star retailers as they have demonstrated, through the volumes of DB Wider Fit Shoes they sell and their knowledge of our products, that they deserve this label.

Diamond Star retailers will usually:

  • Be retailers with many years' experience, meaning they have the skills & knowledge to understand the size and shape of your foot and what will work for you.

  • Have extensive knowledge of our ranges to be able to recommend the best styles for your foot.

  • Carry at least 1 product from each of our categories. So whether it's a stunning court shoe, a casual boot, a house shoe or a men's shoe, you should be able to try on something that fits

  • Be able to order in any styles that you wish to try on, if they don't have your fitting in that style.



What can you expect from your visit to a Diamond Star Retailer?


Well, firstly, you can expect a warm welcome from a retailer who knows their stuff! They will have been in business a long-time and many are pillars of their community.

Upon inspection of your foot, you may be surprised to find that the team-member will decide whether there is a need to measure your foot. That's right, many will be able to accurately estimate your size and width requirement just by looking at your feet! You might find they know it even better than you do!

Of course, shoes come in different shapes & sizes, with a size 3 or EE from one company differing from the same size and width of another. Like all clothing items, these things happen with shoes too.

It's also key to understand that their knowledge of the shape of the different areas of your foot will help them to find the perfect shoe. They will know the right option for your combination of ankle size, foot height and width at the mid-foot and toes, from any foot issues you experience and much more!

The right shoe for you depends on a combination of the last, the shoe shape and the different widths of the different shoe parts, like ankle, depth of shoe, toe box width and more.

There really is a lot more to it than just measuring the length and width of your foot in one place.


What the Retailers have to say


Neil from ShoeMed in Clitheroe, Lancashire says "All of our feet are different in length, width and shape. At ShoeMed we measure your feet and use our experience and expertise to help customers find the right footwear for them. It is often better to visit a store as we can try lots of different styles and explain the benefits of certain footwear.

The great thing about DB Wider Fit Shoes is that theirs is a range of styles with various width and depth fittings available for us to try. Together with different finishes in soft leathers, stretch materials & more, this enables us to provide the customer with comfortable and stylish footwear.

And if the right shoe isn't available in stock, we'll order it in for you armed with the knowledge that it is likely to be the perfect fit for your foot."

The ShoeMed team in Clitheroe, Lancashire

You might find that you leave the shop with something completely different from what you went in expecting - that's all part of the service, and certainly means that you have visited a knowledgeable person who understands your feet and the best way to find comfort.

The one thing you should be sure of is that you will leave in the most comfort possible.

Whilst Diamond & Gold Star stockists will have a large stock of our shoes, they do not carry every line so, if you have a particular style in mind that you have seen in our brochure or on our website, please do call in advance to ensure they are able to help before travelling.

Many retailers require appointments for shoe-fitting so, once again, please do check in advance to avoid disappointment.


Where can I find my nearest Diamond Star retailer?


You'll find a list of our Diamond Star retailers in the back of our catalogue, which you can order here or view online here.

You can also find your nearest Gold or Diamond Star retailer by visiting our "Find a Retailer" page and entering your postcode. Use the radius function to search for retailers in 10, 25 or 50 miles of your location then hit search to reveal the results.

Our Gold & Diamond Star retailers are displayed at the top of the search results, with Standard Retailers below.

Don't forget that our Standard Retailers are also fantastic shops and can carry a great selection of DB Wider Fit Shoes. But we know that our Gold & Diamond Star Retailers have great knowledge and experience with OUR shoes to be able to offer the best advice and order the right style in for you, if they don't have it in stock.