The Right Shoes for Bunions & Hammer Toes This Spring

We've all heard of bunions. We may have heard of Hammer Toes too. But what exactly are they, why are they a problem, and why can wide-fitting shoes be life-changing for people with bunions & hammer toes?

Take me to the best shoes for Bunions & Hammer Toes

So, just what are bunions and hammer toes?


Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.

Both bunions and hammer toes are deformities within toe joints. Bunions are a deformity of the big toe joint, which causes the joint to stick out, pushing the big toe inwards towards neighbouring toes. The classic symptom is a painful lump at the base of the big toe.

Hammer toes are deformities of the second, third or fourth toe that cause the toe to bend at the middle joint, making it look like a hammer. The toe may then lift over the toe next to it and moving the affected toe can be very difficult and painful.

Both conditions can be very painful for the sufferer not only in themselves, but especially because most footwear will further press on or rub against the afflicted area, in many cases aggravating the issue further, but at the very least, causing a lot of discomfort.


What causes bunions & hammer toes?


Bunions are thought to be caused by an inherited bone condition, but they can certainly be made worse by hypermobility, overpronation (a low arch or uneven weight bearing in the foot, making the toe joint unstable), or the wearing of narrow shoes. Foot injuries and certain types of arthritis can also contribute to the condition.

As the joint sticks out more though, the likelihood of footwear rubbing against the sore skin only increases, exacerbating the problem further.

And while most reports of bunions are from older people, they can affect the whole population, with even around 2% of children under 10 years old suffering from bunions!



Whilst non-painful bunions, or those that don't restrict movement too much may be tolerated, it is advisable to see your doctor or foot health professional if you have bunions. They may suggest some of the remedies below, or surgery to remove the bunion, depending on your situation.

Hammer toes are generally caused by an imbalance in the tendons, muscles or ligaments around the affected toe, although this can be caused by an injury to the toe, shoe styles like high heels or shoes that are too tight in the toe box that cause the toes to crowd together.

Initially, hammer toes are flexible and can be corrected with simple measures but, if left untreated, they can become rigid and may require surgery.

Bunion Fact: A bump at the base of the little toe is often called a "bunionette" or “tailor's bunion".


Bunion & Hammer Toe Prevention & Remedies


You can reduce the chances of getting bunions or hammer toes through correctly fitting footwear. Shoes with a wide toe-box will ensure plenty of room for toes without crowding, and a shoe with enough length will prevent toes being pushed inwards.

Avoiding high heeled shoes can also help to prevent excess pressure in the areas that could cause disturbances to the joints or imbalances around the muscles and tendons around the joints, that could in turn lead to bunions or hammer toes.

Making the switch to correctly fitting footwear is a must if you are trying to prevent worsening bunion or hammer toe symptoms. Wide and deep toe-boxes, ensuring plenty of room for toes without crowding them together is a great place to start.


There may also be some exercises you can do to treat mild hammer toe symptoms, such as picking up a marble with the toe as well as simply stretching the toe regularly throughout the day. (1)

Increasing arch support or using orthotics is another suggested way to alleviate symptoms by reducing pressure on and restoring balance to the tissues around the toe joints. (2)

Take me to the best shoes for Bunions & Hammer Toes


"I have developed a bunion and hammer toe on my right foot in the last year or so and walking, of late, has been so painful.

The boots are great as with both inner soles removed I have room for my orthotics. They also look very neat and stylish. (I bought both colours).

I look forward to making further purchases in the coming months."

Mrs S




What are the best shoes for bunions and hammer toes?


The best shoes and sandals for bunions and hammer toes have:

Wide and deep fittings to offer enough room for your toes, without squeezing them together.

All of our shoes are wider and deeper than high street shoes. Our shoes range from width fitting E right up to 8E (EEEEEEEE), which we believe to be the widest & deepest fitting shoe available from a "regular" retailer Ė although they may not look like they are as we cleverly hide the width and depth!

The extra width and depth could be just what you need to provide that all important extra room.

Our Variable width fitting shoes also allow you to change the depth of 1 or both shoes through the removal of specially designed insoles. So if you have only one affected foot, no problem! Simply adjust that shoe, leaving the other as is.

Find out more about our fittings »

The best shoes for bunions have the correct toe shape for your foot, to ensure that ALL your toes have enough space and that there is no undue pressure on your toes that can cause bunions, hammer toes and many more serious problems.

This is an area in which we set ourselves apart by offering offer footwear in four different toe shapes (round, square, almond and pointed) to ensure you have the right shape for your foot. Find out more about the right shoes for different toe shapes.

Seam-free toe boxes to reduce rubbing against sore bunions or hammer toes. Our shoes have smooth insides and most styles have no internal seams within the toe box, which is a huge consideration if you have a hammer toe or bunion. With these conditions it is also prudent to avoid styles that have external seams in the toe area too.

Our seam free toe-boxes will reduce rubbing and improve your comfort whilst walking.

Whilst most of our styles are made with no internal seams for this reason but be sure to check the product description and look for the ďBunion & Hammer Toe FriendlyĒ icon on our website and brochure pages.

ďStretchĒ toe boxes. Our Stretch range of shoes and boots are designed to mould to the shape of your feet. By moulding to your foot, the fabric provides extra room for swollen feet, lumps & bumps and reduces rubbing.

Look out for Stretch panels in the shoe front and for seam free toe boxes too, especially if you suffer from hammer toes.

Even if you arenít looking to stretch styles, quality soft leathers or canvas can provide enough give to reduce rubbing or forcing together of toes.

We provide stretch styles across our whole range so, whether itís a training style shoe youíre after, a smart shoe for a special occasion or a boot to hit the town in, weíve got you covered.

Style without compromising on comfort. Just because you have bunions, hammer toes or other foot health issues doesnít mean that you shouldnít enjoy the confidence of great looking footwear. Thatís why we offer a range of stylish footwear for ladies and gentlemen that ensures you can look as good as your feet feel.

Shoes for all occasions


We really do have spring and summer footwear of all types for bunions and to see you through all occasions.

Read on to discover the best trainers, sandals, occasion-wear, everyday shoes, slipper and even walking shoes for bunions and hammer toes.


The best trainers for bunions and hammer toes


Classic trainer style Whitworth has almond shaped toe with stretch panels that mould to the shape of your foot to ensure thereís no rubbing, just pure comfort Ė even against sore bunions and hammer toes.

The flared sole offers support and stability right where you need it too.

New style Barrow is not only super cute in summer pastels but is a vegan-friendly trainer thatís just perfect for bunions and hammer toes.

The square toe box naturally allows more room for toes whilst the stretch panels allow more room by stretching to accommodate toes, bumps and bunions.


The best casuals for bunions and hammer toes

Youíll love new casual style Shelduck. In soft leather with punched air design to allow air to circulate around the foot and twin elastic inserts to allow for improved fit, thereís enough room in the round, deep toe box and enough give in the beautiful soft leather to comfortably accommodate bunions and hammer toes.

Mira is one of our brand new canvas pump styles. Vegan-friendly itís also stunning in bold colours with laces fastening for secure fit and adjustability.

Hawaii is one of our most popular casual styles of recent years. Its round toe shape with seam free stretch toe box moulds to the shape of your foot and is super comfy, and itís lightweight too, so itís perfect for all day comfort.


The best sandals for bunions and hammer toes

We have flat, sporty and wedge heel sandals that are suitable for bunions and hammer toes so, whatever your style, thereís a wide-fitting sandal for you.

New flat sandal Raja is super stylish with a round toe shape with a broad tread that gives plenty of room for toes. The adjustable cut-to-fit strap ensures the perfect fit for any foot and it opens wide for super easy access.

Sporty Selena has soft internal padding and two adjustable straps, ensuring a secure, comfortable fit thatís soft against skin.

Even though these styles are 2V(EE-4E) width fitting, the broad tread and adjustable straps mean that they can fit up to a 6E fitting.

Bobbie is a wedge sandal with style! Perfect for holidaying abroad or sunny days in comfort at home. Stretch fabric sides mould to the shape of your foot for comfort and the air-bubble sole means youíll feel like youíre walking on air.


The best dress shoes for bunions and hammer toes


Smart slingback Trudy has a stable 2.25Ē heel, square toe-shape and adjustable back-strap that can be cut to the required length. The square toe shape affords more room for bunions and is made of beautiful soft leather with a little give to reduce rubbing.

Constance is one of our most popular dress shoes and itís easy to see why. With 1.5Ē stable heel, seam-free stretch toe box that expands and moulds to the shape of your foot it is the comfiest dress shoe youíll ever wear!

Available in 4 colours to go with any smart outfit in our 2V variable width fitting and also 6E fitting.

Itís also arthritis-friendly!

Both these dress styles are available in sizes 3-9, and also in half sizes 3 Ĺ - 7 Ĺ.


The best everyday shoes for bunions and hammer toes


Gannet is a new for í23 every day shoe with stretch thatís designed for comfort all day every day.

Itís also arthritis-friendly!

Not only super-cute but also lightweight with soft stretch panels and our air-bubble sole itís perfect for meeting friends, walks in the park or seeing the sights.

Garganey is another brand new style in our stretch fabric based on our famous bumper sole. The round toe box gives lots of room for toes and the stretch fabric moulds around lumps and bumps whilst the patterned fabric cleverly disguises bumpy feet!

And the air-bubble sole makes it so comfy for all day wear. Your feet will thank you!



Our walking shoes and boots, Wyoming and Nebraska - along with menís walking styles Utah and Colorado - are the widest and deepest walking shoes available, and theyíre perfectly bunion and hammer toe friendly! In beautiful soft leather or suede theyíre completely waterproof with extra grippy rubber sole to make sure youíre sure of foot whatever the weather!

This is just a small selection of our bunion and hammer toe friendly footwear styles. Discover all ladiesí wide-fitting shoes and sandals for bunions and hammer toes.


Menís Shoes for Bunions and Hammer Toes

Of course it isnít just ladies that suffer from bunions and hammer toes, and thatís why we ensure that we also make many menís shoes for bunions.

Like classic styles Delhi or Derek, with round toe shape or with square toe shapes like Bob, casual styles like Archie and Andy and open toed-styles for summer like Barney.

There are also canvas styles like Troon and Arnold, house shoes like Desmond and Cairo or our waterproof hiking shoes Utah and Colorado are also suitable, as mentioned above, as well as many of our slippers and house shoes.

Browse all menís wide-fitting shoes and sandals for bunions and hammer toes.


Suffering from bunions or hammer toes?

Look no further than our range of ladies and menís wide and deep fitting shoes. If you need help understanding your shoe width requirement then learn about our width fittings and how to measure your feet with our handy Fitting Advice Page >

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.