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How To Buy Wide Fit Shoes Online

How To Buy Wide Fit Shoes Online

Buying wide fit shoes online may not be your first choice. But here are reasons why it should be with DB Wider Fit Shoes.

Many of us love to buy shoes! It can be the ultimate retail therapy. Visiting different stores, trying on lots of styles and imagining the outfits that might go with them and where we’d wear them, then coming home with the perfect pair(s), and perhaps a new clothing items (or two) to make sure we have something to really show them off!

But buying shoes online has heaps of benefits too that you may not have considered. Here are just a few…

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Try your shoes on at your own pace
When ordering online you get to try those shoes on in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, without having to ask the assistant to keep fetching different styles and then feeling bad about sending them back for more!

Plus, there’s no pressure from sales staff to make a purchase or feel like you should buy something that you’re not convinced about.

You can take all the time you need*, without rushing, to ensure you make the right decision. And if you do want that second opinion, invite a friend round or ask a family member what they think.

Try on with ALL your outfits.
When trying shoes on in a shop you can only try the shoes on with the clothes you’re wearing. When trying on at home you can try each pair of shoes on with ALL your outfits to make sure they’re just right! (You can also save yourself some money by not being at the shopping centre and having the opportunity of buying that extra dress to go with them!).

You can even create that boutique experience at home by enjoying a cup of tea or even a cheeky glass of wine while you try them on!

A clothes rail full of clothing

Getting the perfect fit
Feeling great is comprised of two main aspects: the confidence that you look great and your physical comfort.

In this light, knowing the correct size to buy is really important, especially when you have the added dimension of different width fittings. Although you can’t try on our shoes before you order them, you can at least be confident of which size and width fitting to order by easily measuring your feet with our handy, accurate measuring guide.

Not all companies offer the same sizing so, to help ensure you order the correct size and fitting, we recommend that all new customers measure their feet using our online Fit Finder or in our brochure, which you can request here.

If using our Fit Finder, simply measure your feet with a fabric tape measure following the clear measurement instructions provided and enter the measurements into the Fit Finder to discover your size.

We’re told by many customers that our guide is accurate, clear and helps them to order the correct size and fitting in almost all cases.

Learn more about our fittings

Measuring Tape unfolder

Our feet change shape throughout the day
In addition to knowing the correct size to order, we know that feet change shape throughout the day and depending on what you’ve been doing, so it’s important to know that your shoes will offer comfort all day.

So, as our feet change shape it’s important that we have the opportunity to try our new shoes on at different times, to ensure they will fit our feet all the time, even – or especially - when they’ve swollen from walking around all day!

Trying the shoes on at home* allows you the opportunity to see if the shoes are still as comfortable when your feet change shape.

Detailed product information at your fingertips
Online shopping offers the invaluable benefit of a wealth of detailed information. You can browse different styles and read all about the features, benefits and technical information of each, as written by the manufacturer or supplier, rather than interrogate a store assistant for information they’re unlikely to have at a deeper ore more detailed level.

You can find peer reviews online or ask friends for recommendations via social media, all while making the decision and, once you’re ready, can place your order at the click of a button and, subject to the shoe feeling just right when it arrives, knowing that you’ve made the best decision possible.

Screenshot of website product page

Advice on hand
Some shoe shops will have staff on hand to offer advice on fittings, features of different shoe styles and more but this isn’t usually on hand when trying on at home. Unless you shop with us that is!

We have a friendly, knowledgeable customer services team who understand the features and benefits of each of our products that are on hand to help you to find your perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking through our site for the first time, are a long-time customer or have ordered and need to exchange your items, our team can discuss the issues that you have and any shoe features or styles that may be suitable for your feet.

Just give us a call on 01933 311 077, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm to speak to one of our team.

Please note that we are unable to offer any medical advice and we do ask that you have used our measuring guide to know your size and fitting in our shoes before calling, if asking about sizing or styles available.

Not available on the High Street
An advantage of online shopping that can’t be overstated is choice. High streets shops have limited space, meaning shopkeepers must carry only the selection of styles that will have the broadest appeal. This tends to mean lower priced, mass produced fashion brands and is why you often see the same brands and styles in almost every shop you enter!

When you’re looking for specialist products or something outside of the mainstream, like wide fitting shoes, you need a specialist supplier who tend not to be able to take a high street location.

Shopping online opens up possibilities to discover specialist suppliers and, in our case, a range of shoes that is not available on the high street that caters specifically for your particular needs.

Free exchanges and returns
Once again, we realise that, even with our measuring guide and the care we take to accurately portray our styles in our photography, there will be times when people need to return or exchange purchases that aren’t quite right.

But we believe this process should be as easy as possible, and shouldn’t cost you anything.

That’s why we offer a 30 day returns / exchanges policy with free UK shipping. With every order we ship we include a returns label that you can use for free returns at any UK Post Office.

So, if you’re in the UK and have purchased from us and the shoes aren't right when you first receive them, whether it be fit, colour or styling - you can use the free returns service to exchange your order for a different size, fitting or style as many times as it takes to get the perfect fit without paying a penny more in shipping.

Our friendly and knowledgeable UK based customer services team are also on hand to discuss the problem that you’ve experienced with the unsuitable style or fitting, and offer advice on any of our styles, fittings and features that may be suitable for you to help you find the right combination for your feet.

If returning items just make sure that they’re unworn (except for trying on indoors) and that you’ve included your returns label in the parcel!

How to order shoes online

So that’s it, to discover total comfort and the perfect fit for your feet, follow our easy steps:

1. Use the measuring guide to ensure you know the correct size and fitting to order
2. Contact our customer services team if you have any questions or queries about fittings, products, styles or features
3. Choose your favourite style that’s suitable for your feet
4. Receive your parcel in 3-5 working days and try on in the comfort of your own home, with lots of different outfits and at various times of day
5. If required, contact our friendly and knowledgeable, UK based customer services team on 01933 311 077 (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm) if you have any issues with the styles or fittings you’ve purchased and, if you need to return or exchange any pairs, simply complete the returns label that’s in the box and take the parcel to your nearest Post Office.
6. Enjoy the pure comfort of your brand new DB Wider Fit Shoes

We look forward to helping you to find YOUR perfect fit very soon.

- Use our Fit Finder
- Request your FREE brochure
- Browse women's wide-fitting shoes
- Browse men’s wide-fitting shoes

*Please ensure when trying shoes on that they are worn inside for a small amount of time, whilst wearing clean hosiery, on a surface that will not mark the shoes. Please do not cut any extended straps until you are certain the shoes are comfortable. If shoes are returned in a “not as new condition” then a refund could be refused.

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