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Wide Fitting Shoes For A Cruise

Wide Fitting Shoes For A Cruise

Which shoes should I take on a cruise?

Going on a cruise can be an exciting adventure that involves exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures. However, with so many different occasions and activities on offer, it can be challenging to know what types of shoes to pack for your trip, and you don’t want to take an entire wardrobe just for shoes!

Here are our top tips for the best shoes to take on your cruise.


Sandals are an essential item for any cruise, regardless of the destination. They’re perfect for lounging on the beach, strolling through town, or even attending a formal event.

Look for a pair of sandals that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Flat sandals are perfect for casual outings, while wedge sandals or footbed sandals can be dressed up for a more formal occasion.

We have so many stunning sandals on offer in our Summer 2023 range it’s hard to pick just a few!

You’ll look effortlessly stylish in our footbed sandals Raja, or vegan-friendly sandal Suki, and they’re versatile enough for any occasion.

A woman putting on a sandal next to a pool A pair of footbed sandals on a water bottle

Our range of wide and extra wide-fitting flat sandals come in all different styles and with many different features for any foot, but all with comfort in common.

Find simply styled sandal Remy with crossover fastening that opens up really wide for the easiest access around and cut-to-fit straps* to ensure it can accommodate the widest feet but not leave extra strap length hanging if you don’t need the full length.

Stylish mule sandal Scooter is a based on our best-selling sandal design Pippa, with ring detail and pull-back straps for a secure yet adjustable fit. Once again, Scooter opens up fully for easy access.

These styles all come with cushioned, microfibre, removable insole for the insertion of orthoses or to allow for extra room and are available in our wide 2V (EE-4E) and extra-wide 6V (6E-8E) variable width fittings.

A woman putting on a pair of sandals next to a pool A pair of blue sandals on a table

Stretch panel sandal Halford’s design means it has good foot coverage but the punched detail allows for air-flow to keep feet cool and the full-back design offers additional support and stability.

The adjustable pull-back cut-to-fit strap and elasticated inserts mean that they’re great for feet that swell on warm days.

And with their stylish design they can easily be dressed up or down to suit a variety of purposes on board your cruise.

You’ll be in total comfort in our wedge sandals like Bobbie, Star and Dove, with their air-bubble soles for extra cushioning and soft, breathable stretch mesh uppers offering total comfort. And the extra height from the heel makes looking fab that little bit easier.

A woman wearing a pair of brown sandals next to a pool A pair of red sandals on a table

And if you’re looking for something equally as home on the top deck pool and for walking then sporty styles like walking sandal Renew, or new styles adjustable strap sandal Selena and full-backed sandal Starling are just the ticket!

And for the gentleman, there’s trendy style men's slide on sandal Adam, with leather uppers and elastic inserts that expand as your foot swells during the day, and their air-bubble sole for total comfort.

A woman putting on a pair of sporty sandals A pair of brown sandals next to a bottle of lager


Flats are a great option for formal events, such as dinners or cocktail parties, where you want to look chic and stylish. Look for flats with a low heel or no heel at all, as they will be more comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Flats like ballet style Emmental or wide-fitting loafers Bingham - are both great options and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

With loafer Driffield’s punched design it not only looks extra sleek, but the holes also allow air to circulate your feet, keeping them cooler on warm nights onboard.

How about any of these three styles in soft gold to really catch the eye?

A pair of gold shoe with punched holes in them A pair of silver flat shoes next to a pool

Should I bring heels on a cruise?

Well, many cruises do still hold the Captain’s Table formal dining, where passengers are expected to dress in formal attire, and so, if your cruise includes this, then heels can be a good idea.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on comfort. With our Da Bella range, including heeled styles like mid-heel stretch panel Atlantic and slingback mid-heel Trudy, as well as lower heeled styles and dress and court shoes across the board, you’ll be as comfortable as you are stylish.

A pair of black heels next to a bag A woman wearing a pair of black heels in red trousers


Can you wear trainers on a cruise ship? Absolutely
Trainers are a great option not only for more active pursuits, such as working out in the gym or participating in a sports activity, but also just because they’re just so comfortable and versatile for travelling, walking or lounging. They provide support, cushioning and have good grip.

Our wide and extra-wide fitting trainers are built from soft leathers or fabrics to be lightweight and breathable, can handle lots of movement and are adjustable.

Styles like lightweight trainer Barrow, with soft breathable stretch uppers are ideal for warm weather as they won’t overheat your feet and will expand with your feet as they swell through the day.

3 trainers on a chair in different colours

The air-bubble sole offers enough comfort to keep your feet in heaven all day!

Women's wide fit Diss is another trainer style with breathable mesh fabric combined with breathable soft leather to keep your feet cool and comfy all day.

With a classic sporty look and flared sole for extra support and stability you’ll feel at home taking part in any on-board activities.

Looking for something a little different? How about our smart wider fitting trainer Mandarin? A loafer styled patent upper on our classic trainer sole, you can dress it up for formal wear or down for more active wear and ensure the ultimate in comfort!

A pair of blue trainers on a beach A woman wearing black trousers and a pair of black trainers

Comfortable Shoes for Walking

An essential shoe for any cruise is a pair of comfortable shoes for walking. Whether you’ll be exploring the streets of a Mediterranean city, through ruins of old Roman cities, or hiking in the Norwegian fjords, you will want a pair of shoes that can handle a lot of walking.

Look for shoes with good arch support, cushioning, and breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable. A sturdy yet flexible sole with good grip is also important for safety.

We have so many options in this category it’s hard to narrow it down!

Sporty styles like casual wide fit Hawaii offer total comfort all day, with stretch panels that expand with your feet as they swell through the day and is built on our almond toe-shaped active sole that’s grippy, flexible and lightweight, and designed for active feet.

Wide fit mule sandal Wigeon is designed with active feet in mind too. An active sandal with suede uppers and stretch panels that make them ideal for bunions and an air bubble sole that makes them ideal for all day comfort!

A pair of white strap trainers next to a pool A pair of multicoloured sandals on a table

New for 2023 is Bumper Sole canvas style Mira that’s light enough for all day wear but offers the comfort and support you need. Made with recycled materials and good for feet that swell with it’s adjustable, secure lace-up design, you’ll be glad you brought Mira with you!

Remember we do offer extra wide and deep rugged walking shoes too, like men's wide fit walking shoe Utah or mens wide fit walking boot Nebraska and women's wide fit walking shoe Wyoming and wide fitting walking boot Colorado, in case your cruise involves a little more exploration of the wild!

A pair of red canvas shoes on a table A pair of brown walking boots on a chair

Canvas Pumps

Last, but certainly by no means least, canvas shoes are without doubt the must have footwear for a cruise. Why?

Because they can do it all. Well, nearly.

You might not want to wear them to captain’s table but they can certainly be your one-stop shop for pretty much everything else.

They’re lightweight and breathable to see you through warm weather, offer the support and stability to wear about town for walking and are suitable for all leisure activities on board.

Because they’re so comfy you won’t want to take them off!

If you’re planning on being more active you could opt for a lace-up canvas pump Yoko or diabetes-friendly canvas Mira, for an extra secure fit and adjustability or, if it’s an easy-on, easy-off style you’re after, or you have arthritis, then a slip-on canvas pump Coup or Libra could be your thing.

A pair of blue canvas shoes on a red chair A woman wearing black canvas shoes and a check dress

A canvas ballet pump Sunflower or Melissa is another option. Super lightweight so, not only will you feel like your feet are free, but you can also easily bring them along in your bag as an extra pair of shoes should you need them. They’re not only cute as a button, but super practical, super comfy and, with their clever elasticated top-line, they’re a super secure fit too.

A woman wearing a pair of black shoes on a beach A woman wearing a pair of pink canvas and blue dress

When packing for your cruise, it's important to consider the type of cruise you will be going on. For example, a Caribbean cruise may require more beachwear and sandals, while a Mediterranean cruise may require more walking shoes and formal wear. It's always a good idea to check the dress code for each occasion to ensure you are appropriately dressed.

Packing the right shoes for your cruise can make a big difference in your overall comfort and enjoyment of the trip. Comfortable walking shoes, sandals, flats, sneakers, and water shoes are all essential types of shoes that you should consider bringing along. With these recommendations in mind, you'll be well-prepared for any occasion on your next cruise adventure.

*Please note that shoes cannot be returned once straps have been cut.

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