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Buying Shoes For Swollen Feet

Buying Shoes For Swollen Feet
Buying shoes online can be tricky (although if you agree with this statement, you should read our How to buy shoes online article for a change of heart!) But it’s especially tricky when buying shoes for swollen feet, or feet that swell.

What causes swollen feet?

Image of swollen feetSwelling is caused by a build-up of fluids in the tissues of the feet and can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, some of which are localised and affect only the feet and ankles, whilst others are systemic, affecting the whole body (as with kidney or liver failure).

Arthritis, diabetes and lymphoedema are three common conditions that can cause swollen feet, whilst factors such as a diet high salt and carbohydrates or the extensive use of laxatives, diuretics or other medication can also be a cause. Some people experience swollen feet only during the summer months, which can be caused if the person has been walking or standing for long periods in high temperatures.

Whatever the cause, what is certain is that having swollen feet can adversely affect your mobility and your comfort.

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.

What can you do about swollen feet?

It is imperative to visit your doctor if you have persistent foot swelling, especially if you have also been experiencing problems breathing, or with weight gain or skin lesions.

Having correctly fitting footwear is key to achieving optimal comfort too.

Footwear that pinches and squeezes swollen feet will be painful but, if it changes the way that you walk to avoid pain, or even stops you from being active, then the ramifications could be more severe.

Shoes that are wide and deep enough to accommodate your feet will reduce restriction of movement and pain, whilst shoes with soft panels that have a little “give” will add a level of comfort, and shoes that can be adjusted or stretch with the feet as they swell will be an important factor in comfort.

Some factors to consider when buying footwear for swollen feet

There are many factors to consider when buying shoes for swollen feet. Like, are your feet always swollen or do they swell only occasionally or more at certain times of day? Where does the swelling occur? Does one foot swell more than the other? Is the swelling caused by a health issue like diabetes or arthritis, or a seasonal factor like heat?

Shoes for feet that are always swollen

Wider and Deeper IconWith shoes for feet that are always swollen, an important factor will, of course, be the width and depth to accommodate your feet, alongside stability and comfort.

Our shoes are available in three variable width fittings in wide, wider and extra wide to suit feet from E – 8E (that’s EEEEEEEE) width fittings, so we have your swollen feet covered!

Many of our shoes have padded ankle support, lightweight soles, smooth internal seams, and deep toe boxes for extra comfort. Our shoes look good, fit in with our customers' lifestyles and provide value for money. We offer the most comfortable solutions available for wide or swollen feet.

If your swollen feet have prevented you from buying comfortable shoes or boots previously, then try some of our Extra Wide fitting shoes or boots like Pacific, Serena (which is designed especially for people with extra-wide feet), Bayeux, Wind or Jazz, to name but a few.

Pair of red boots on a table Woman in yellow coat wearing boots Woman wearing blue shoes sat in a chair

We aim to provide the widest range of styles as possible and as of October 2022 offer over 170 ladies’ styles in our Extra Wide 6V(6E-8E) variable width fitting, across trainers, ankle, mid-length or knee high boots, classic shoes, court shoes and slippers.

As well as offering the required width and depth, many of our styles include seam free toe boxes, and as minimal a level of internal seams as possible, to reduce rubbing against swollen feet and causing discomfort.

Styles that feature seam free toe boxes include popular trainer Garforth, biker boot Reef, cute classic style Swan and even cuter pump style slipper Thetford.

A collage of various women's shoes

If your swollen feet are caused by health issues then see the respective article for the condition in question from the list below:

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Shoes for feet that swell

If your feet swell occasionally, or at certain times of day then you will need to look for shoes that have adjustability, such as adjustable laces or straps, or have enough give to stretch to accommodate your feet as they swell, but also not be too loose when your feet aren’t swollen.

Icon saying ideal for feet that swellLook out for the “Good for feet that swell” icon in our brochure or on the product pages of our website to see which styles are good for feet that swell.

Shade is a new high top trainer in soft leather or suede with lace up fastening and inside zip for easy access whilst Santa includes a stretch panel toe box alongside a lace-up fastening, to accommodate feet as they swell and classic style Swan also comes with cute lace-up fastening.

Woman wearing shoes sitting on a log pile WOman wearing black boots with a dress Pair of burgundy shoes on a table

Styles with adjustable straps include trainers Fox and Riley, ankle boots like Bangor, Goldcrest and Woodpecker and classic styles like Rory or Pacific.

Woman wearing white trainers in a car Woman wearing boots sitting on a bench Pair of black shoes on a table

Styles that feature stretch panels to expand with your feet as they swell include popular trainer Whitworth, wedge heel pump Dean or court shoes Badminton and Constance, and stylish fashion boot Winton, amongst many others.

As well as the adjustable laces, specially designed removable insoles can be taken out if the swelling requires it, to increase the internal room of the shoe. This can also be a very useful feature if one foot swells more than the other.

A collage of women's shoes

Shoes for one foot more swollen than the other

If you have one foot that is more swollen, or that swells more, than the other, finding shoes can be very tricky indeed! But with our variable width fittings, that now come as standard, it’s easy!

We offer footwear in three variable width fittings suitable for people requiring width fitting E right through to 8E.

We offer these through our variable width fittings – V, 2V & 6V.

Our variable width fittings are, well, just what they say – variable in fitting! Through the clever use of specially designed removable insoles, we can vary the depth of a shoe from E-EEE(V fitting), EE-4E (2V fitting) or 6E-8E (6V fitting).

This allows you to increase the depth or gives you space to add your own orthotics as required. Or, you can vary the fitting for each foot, by inserting or removing insoles, for the ultimate comfort – very few people have both feet the same size!

See our handy pictorial guide below!

Illustration of adjustable shoe fittings

In addition to variable widths, if the swelling isn’t so severe as to require a different width fitting as such, features mentioned earlier such as stretch materials to expand as your feet swell through the day or adjustable fastenings to provide extra room as required can also be a huge help where one foot is more swollen or swells more than the other.

Shoes and boots for swollen ankles

It’s not just feet that swell. Many of us experience swollen ankles too and we haven’t forgotten about you. We have a range of shoes and boots that are ideal for people with swollen ankles.

Firstly, some suitable shoe styles are Rory, Swan and Pacific (all mentioned earlier), but swollen ankles need no longer mean you’re limited to shoes only!

Classic soft leather boots like Woodpecker and Fieldfare, sporty boot Santa and biker boot styles like Crawley, Bayeux and vegan-friendly biker boot Atlas feature “Gibson lace” designs that open up and allow adjustment for swollen ankles.

We even offer a long leg boot that’s suitable for swollen ankles in stylish Chelmsford, again featuring a full lace up design to adjust for ankles.

Collection of women's shoes images

Shoes and boots for swollen calves

Features of our shoes that can help with wide calves include adjustable ankle or calf straps or rear laces, laces that can be tightened or loosened near the top as required, elasticated top-lines and gussets and even stretch fabric calves.

Many of our boots are designed with these features, like Leicester with a calf circumference up to 34cm and adjustable rear laces, Jay with adjustable ankle straps and wide-fitting knee high boot Pretoria with stretch fabric back panel, although due to no adjustability in the toe boxes, these may not be suitable for feet that swell.

Woman sat down wearing boots WOman in pink coat wearing shoes Pair of high boots in black

Shoes that offer support and stability

Some factors that cause swollen feet and ankles, such as lymphoedema and arthritis can also be very painful. It’s especially important with these issues that your shoes not only fit well and offer the give or adjustability to accommodate swelling, but also offer the right support and stability.

Our shoes and slippers come with back stiffeners, many of our styles have shock absorbing air-bubble soles for extra cushioning and / or come with additional 5mm socks or removable insoles inside that create yet further cushioning.

Our styles are all designed for stability (a reason we don’t provide stilettos or other narrow heels) and our trainers, for instance, come with flared soles that are wider at the bottom to ensure they’re extra stable for active feet.

Pair of red slippers Pair of red slippers with a stretch icon A pair of spotted slippers

Top tips for buying shoes for swollen feet

1. When measuring your feet, try to measure them at different times of the day and ensure that the shoes you buy have you covered for them at their widest and deepest.
2. When you’ve bought your shoes, make sure you try them on at different times of the day too so, if they’re not right for whatever reason, you can call us to discuss a style or fitting that might be more suitable for you to return them to us without paying any further shipping.
3. Consider where your feet swell and look for shoes that have features related to that area
4. Look for shoes that have adjustment, stretch fabrics and features designed for comfort

So, if you have swollen feet and have had difficulty finding comfortable yet stylish footwear, look no further! Join the thousands of happy DB Wider Fit Shoes customers who have already discovered the most comfortable shoes they will ever wear!

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Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.

See what our other customers with swollen feet say:

Open Quotations Love my DB Wider Fit Shoes, best fit for my chunky feet. Close Quotation

Open Quotations I have quite a few pairs of DB shoes, as I have very swollen feet. Yes, they are expensive, but of high quality, and whatever they cost is well worth it to get comfortable shoes I can actually wear! Close Quotation

Open Quotations I have lymphoedema and l find DB shoes are the only shoes that suit my needs for my swollen feet, also the quality and design is first class as is the customer service. Close Quotation

Open Quotations Such bliss to have boots that are wide and above all deep so that I can walk for miles without my feet rubbing or cramping!!! Close Quotation

Open Quotations I have different size feet and need different sizes. Being able to buy shoes for each foot that fit and look like a normal pair is great. And all staff very helpful. Thank you. Close Quotation

Open Quotations I can’t wear anything else, such comfort. Close Quotation

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