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Stylish Wide Fitting Shoes for Men

Stylish Wide Fitting Shoes for Men
Style and comfort all summer long for men with wide, deep or problem feet.
We're often asked if we offer wide-fitting shoes for men – often for partners of customers of our ladies shoes, who have experienced the style and pure comfort that our shoes offer. The answer, of course, is a resounding YES!

We offer a whole range of men's wide-fitting shoes so, if you're a man with wide, deep or problem feet that needs a shoe with a deep toe box then we have just what you need, for all occasions.

We provide wide and deep fitting classic casual shoes, trainers, boots, walking shoes, office shoes, comfort-at-home shoes and shoes for medical conditions.

Why not discover our full men's range and make sure you're covered for style and comfort, no matter what the occasion this autumn and winter?

NEW TO OUR SHOES? Find out more about how we can help!

Someone zipping up red boots with wide feet text

Toe Shapes for the Perfect Fit
To ensure enough room for toes to move and spread, we offer men’s shoes in two different toe shapes – round or square.
Discover your toe shape and learn about the importance of the correct shoe shape for you.

Here are just a few ideas…

A man sat down on a bench

Wide-fitting Men's Trainers

We all know that keeping active is so important, but it’s difficult when you can’t find the right footwear. Nobody wants to go out exercising in shoes that pinch or rub and this can lead to a vicious circle of inactivity that can lead to ill health.

Our trainers are designed with all the features you’d expect from our shoes to ensure total comfort while you get out and active.

A pair of white trainers by the pool

Lace up styles like new trainers Benjamin and Benedict offer a secure fit to reduce rubbing alongside adjustability, whilst strap fastening styles like Bennett and wide opening Devon offer easier access alongside adjustability.

Benjamin and Bennett are bunion and diabetes-friendly, and very easy on the eye too!

A pair of blue strap trainers on a table A pair of men's blue strap trainers on a table

Breathable casual styles Archie and Andy are both stylish as well as being diabetes and bunion-friendly, and Andy is arthritis-friendly too.

A pair of blue laced trainers on decking A pair of mens blue strap trainers on decking

Browse all wide-fitting men’s trainers >

Men's Wide-Fitting Sandals

You’ll now find three great sandal designs in our men’s range, to suit different occasions.

Trendy Blake is perfect for holidays or sunny days out relaxing with friends. In beautiful leather with a broad tread and cushioned Air-bubble sole, there are also twin adjustable straps for high levels of adjustability to suit different feet or as your foot swells throughout the day.

A man carrying a pair of brown sandals

Ramsey is ideal for active days. A sporty sandal with twin adjustable straps and padding across the uppers for all day comfort. Ramsey also features a back strap to ensure a secure fit while you keep active.

The broad tread means that, although Ramsey is labelled as a 2V (EE - 4E) fitting, by adjusting the extended, cut-to-fit straps*, it can fit up to a 6E fitting.

Barney is the perfect sandal when you need more foot coverage and support than your average sandal. Built on our classic shoe last with full back support, it’s almost a shoe but the open design allows air circulation whilst the upper protects toes. The pull-back D-ring strap (that can be cut to the required size) offers a secure fit.

All sandal styles feature our air-bubble sole for extra cushioning and all-day comfort and all are bunion-friendly.

Blake and Ramsey are available in our wide 2V (EE-4E) variable width fitting and are also arthritis-friendly.

Barney is great for feet that swell and, in addition to our 2V (EE-4E) width fitting, is also available in our widest 6V (6E-8E) variable width fitting, making it perfect for even the widest feet.

A man sat down wearing sandals A pair of mens blue strap trainers on decking

Open Quotations I wish I had found them years ago, but now I have worn them, I will not wear anything else. Close Quotation

New Lightweight Super Cushioned Sole

New for 2024 is a range of men’s wide-fitting shoes on a brand-new lightweight, super-cushioned sole. It’s feather-light, can be split and is flared for greater stability.

Leisure style Orion has lace-up fastening for a secure fit and a side zip for easy access whilst strap-fastening Norton and lace-up Patrick feature classic leather styling atop the same sole, for extremely comfortable wear all day.

Someone putting on zip up trainers Someone standing in a pair of brown shoes

Wide-fitting Classic Leather Shoes

Our casual styles are the mainstay of our men’s wide-fitting shoes range, perfect for weekend wear and those more relaxed days, in soft leathers and fabrics with lightweight, flexible soles.

With styles in lace-up, slip-on or strap fastenings, and with round or square toe shapes, there's something for every discerning gentleman this autumn.

In our casuals range you’ll find easy-to-wear styles like Donald, with an extended cut-to-fit strap that opens wide for easy access and is arthritis, bunion and oedema friendly. There’s also arthritis and bunion friendly Delhi, with twin elastic gussets for improved fit, and lace-up styles Derek, Congo and Chatham for a secure fit and adjustability.

A man strapping up his brown shoes A pair of brown lace up shoes on a chair

Or, if you require a square toe-shape, how about classic square-toed strap fastening Benny, lace-up Bob or slip-on Dalton, with twin-elastic gusset for ease of entry?

Our casual and classic styles come with air-bubble sole, leather uppers and removable insoles to create more room for feet or the insertion of specialist insoles.

A pair of mens brown lace up shoes on a bench A pair of men's slip on shoes on a chair

Browse all wide-fitting casual shoes for men >

Men’s Easy-access Shoes

For men with very swollen, or naturally very wide and deep feet, we offer a range of easy access shoes in our extra-wide 6V(6E-8E) variable width fitting that open up really wide and feature extended straps that can be cut to the correct fit.

Bunion-friendly Tommy features a single wide adjustable strap whilst Darren features twin-straps for additional adjustability, whilst Kevin features twin pull-back straps that offer a more secure fit.

A peron opening up a brown strap show

These styles are all arthritis-friendly and great for feet that swell and feature our classic air-bubble sole.

Tommy and Darren are only available in our widest 6V(6E-8E) variable width fitting, whilst Kevin is also available in our 2V(EE-4E) fit.

A man opening the strap on his brown shoes A man strapping up his brown shoes

Wide-fitting Men's Walking Shoes

For the walkers amongst you, we even offer the widest and deepest walking shoes and boots on the market, in Utah 2 and Colorado 2. Fully waterproof with rugged, grippy soles and lace-up fastenings for secure fit and adjustability, our walking shoes will see you taking to the hills in total comfort.

These styles available in our wide 2V (EE-4E) and extra wide 6V (6E-8E) variable width fittings so there really is a men’s walking shoe for even the very widest feet!

A pair of men's brown walking shoes A pair of mens brown walking boots

Men’s Wide-fitting Canvas, House Shoes and Slippers

Diabetes, arthritis and bunion-friendly Cannock is the ultimate in lightweight comfort. Soft canvas on our lightweight sole, it’s made for outdoors but it lightweight enough to be worn indoors too.

Lace-up style Troon offers similar features with a lace-up design for a more secure fit.

The round toe shape gives plenty of room for toes and the shoes open up really wide for easy access too.

A pair of blue strap canvas shoes on decking

House shoes Oscar and Randolf feature a punched design to allow air to circulate and keep your feet cool in summer months. Slip-on Randolf includes elasticated insert to expand as your foot swells during the day, whilst Oscar features adjustable straps and opens wide for easy access.

Cairo has super stretchy uppers and elastic inserts to comfortably accommodate your foot shape and gently stretches as your foot shape changes during the day. Mesh uppers allow air to circulate and faux-suede panels add a touch extra style. Our house shoes come with back stiffeners for support and hard-wearing soles that can be worn indoors or out.

These styles are available in our 2V (EE-4E) and 6V (6E-8E) variable width fittings.

A pair of blue canvas shoes with a stretch icon A man sat at a table in a garden

Last but not least, for total indoor comfort, our range of men’s slippers is a must.

There’s something for every foot, whether your preference is a slip-on mule like Gilbert, a classic slipper with supportive back-stiffener, like Glen or Kendal,/a> or adjustable strap-fastening styles like Joseph or Daniel.

All our canvas styles and house shoes are made without animal products so they’re suitable for vegans.

A pair of mens blue slippers on a chair A pair of brown strapped slippers

So, there you have it. Your new summer wardrobe to make sure your feet can enjoy pure style and comfort, whatever the occasion.

View our full range of wide and extra wide fitting shoes for men >

Open Quotations As a person who has suffered ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes for over 30 years, having the opportunity to wear shoes which fit and don't cause long-lasting pain is incredible! Couple this with great customer service and I have already told everyone who will listen how good the company is. Keep up the great work! Close Quotation
Mr B

* Please note, once strap is cut the shoe cannot be returned.

Risk free footwear

We know that it’s really difficult to order footwear online and find the perfect fit, but we want to make it as easy, risk-free and stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer free postage on returns and exchanges on all UK orders so that, if you’re in the UK and have ordered from us and the shoes aren’t right for whatever reason, you can give us a call to discuss the problem and return them to us, unworn except for trying on to exchange for a different size, style or fitting without paying a penny more in postage.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, you’ll never look back!

We hope that you agree that our wide-fitting shoes, trainers and sandals offer the perfect fit for every wide, deep or problem foot!

VAT Exempt footwear

Did you know, if you need 6E, 6V or 8E fitting footwear and have a qualifying condition, that you might be eligible for VAT relief?

This means that you could essentially benefit from a discount of 20%. And what's more, our promotional discount codes still apply, meaning you can gain further savings.

We make it easy to claim your VAT relief by clearly listing the VAT exempt price against qualifying products, and provide a very short form to fill out as part of the checkout process when ordering your 6E, 8E or 6V fitting shoes.

Qualifying conditions for VAT free purchases include physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities, for example, blindness; conditions treated as chronic sickness, such as diabetes, arthritis or lymphedema; and long-term illnesses.

Look out for the link underneath our available fittings on each product page to claim your VAT exemption.

Need Our Help?

If you’re unsure about anything at all to do with our styles, features or fittings and whether they’re right for you, please do contact us on +44 (0)1933 311 077, Monday to Friday, 9-5 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable UK based customer services team, who will be delighted to help.

OR would you like some in-person help to find the perfect fit for your feet? Then why not book an appointment and visit our Fitting Centre in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

We offer a traditional, personal service to help you find the perfect shoes either for naturally broad feet, to accommodate orthotics and or for foot health issues such as arthritis, lymphedema, diabetes, bunions and many more.

Our appointment system ensures you'll receive our team's full attention and there's no obligation to buy.
Check out our Fitting Centre details today for further information.

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